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Every blog has its own learning and educational side, don’t they? Well in Camping Iceland Blog we have ours and it is under the Review category. This articles sometimes have not a direct link to Iceland but to camping as an activity itself. This way we can inform about preparation, organization, things to keep in mind. And of course, may topics more. This way if it is the first time you singed into this great activity, you know you are doing it the right way.


Get involve with us and let us know your doubts, what you would like to know about camping. We will gladly try our best to provide information in a simple and easy way. From tents recommendations to camping tricks, for kids, families or just solo travel. Whatever way you choose to camp, camping is fun and enjoyable. Let’s make the process of learning that way too!

Braud & Co bakery location at Hlemmur food hall in downtown Reykjavik
What could be better than going to a fantastic new restaurant during your camping trip in Reykjavik? What about trying foods from ten different food vendors? That's precisely what you'll find at downtown Reykjavik's Hlemmur Food Hall. Of course, if you're camping in Iceland, you're likely trying to save money. You're going to be cooking a lot of meals...
DC-3 plane wreck at Solheimasandur beach at the sun setting
Picture the ghostly white silhouette of the remains of an aircraft set against the windswept sands of a black volcanic beach. This haunting yet familiar sight has become one of the most popular images coming out of Iceland. What I’m describing is the Douglas DC-3 plane wreck site at Sólheimasandur beach in South Iceland. As you make your way...
Godafoss waterfall and the Diamond Circle route are a must do on any Iceland itinerary
When people think of Iceland, many things come to mind. People associate the island with cold weather, which is a fair assumption to make. Another is that’s it’s a really cool, amazing place to visit. This is also true. Our small, Nordic nation is famous for its natural beauty and plethora of outdoor activities. But what many may not...
Woman soaking at an Icelandic geothermal hot pot
Bathing culture is prevalent in Iceland. Our small, volcanic island has been blessed with geothermal activity, and a land covered with hot springs is the result. When you come to Iceland, you’ll probably hear people talking about the best hot pots and thinking that maybe they’re some type of typical Icelandic dish. Hot pots are actually what we call...
Driving in Iceland in winter on snowy roads
Winter is here, and that means an onslaught of winter tourists making their way around Iceland’s Ring Road. You can’t really blame them. Prices are lower (along with temperatures), the magnificent Northern Lights are on full display, and you can take part in adventure activities like glacier cave and ice cave exploration and glacier hikes. When driving in Iceland,...
Iceland's November weather brings snowfall and precipitation
November in Iceland brings quite a few changes in the weather. While most people consider the winter months to be December, January, and February, winter in Iceland really stretches more from October to April. During the extended season of cold weather, the island experiences temperatures and snowfall much like other parts of the world. It helps to know what to...
Iceland motorhome rental with chairs in the evening
The vehicle that you rent for your Iceland camping trip is one of the most important choices that you will make when planning your journey. So what are the best motorhome rental companies in Iceland? What are the factors you should consider and what amenities are available with rented vehicles? And what’s the difference between a campervan and a...
Tent camping at Reykjavik Campsite in Iceland
Many people choose camping in Iceland as an economical way to see the country. This is an excellent choice as it affords you the freedom of traveling with your “home”. Campervan and motorhome rental in Iceland is one of the best ways to travel around the island. You’ve got around registered 170 campsites to choose from. The Reykjavik campsite...
Woman searching for best Iceland car rental on laptop
While many people who come camping in Iceland either rent a campervan or motorhome, there are those who choose to pack up their tent into a car and head into the great outdoors. It’s possible in the winter, but in general, this type of camping in Iceland tends to be more of a summer activity. We previously covered the...
Campfire on snow during camping trip in Iceland
Iceland's popularity among tourists has grown exponentially in the past decade. And many travelers are not just coming in summer. The month of December, January and February have steadily been gaining momentum as the perfect time to visit the Nordic island due to lower prices and fewer crowds. An added bonus of camping in Iceland in winter is the...


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