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East Iceland

Want to visit East Iceland? then you are in the right place! In this section we will provide information, tips and tricks related to camping in this area. East Iceland is probably one of the vast regions of Iceland but at the same time, inhabited and wild. Home of nature wonders such us East Jökulsárlón glacier lake, Skaftafell National Park and the almighty Vatnajökull. The area it about 650 km away from Reykjavik, the capital city. And even though it is not as famous as other areas in the country, it is worth checking.

East Iceland

Its history goes back to the pre-Nordic era, so this place is actually older than the official settlement of the Nordic people in Iceland. Whatever you are looking for, history or nature, everything can be found here. So you can do it in the best possible way, keep tune to our posts. I bet we can provide some useful information!

Bubbling mud at the Hverir geothermal area near Lake Mývatn
Tucked away in northeast Iceland is Lake Mývatn, a popular destination among tourists and locals alike. The volcanic lake, with hues of turquoise and azure, is part of Iceland’s Diamond Circle route. While many visitors make their way along the south shore on their trip to Iceland, those who take a full trip around Iceland’s Ring Road are in...
The icebergs at Jókulsárlón are otherworldly
Just a stone's throw from Vatnajökull National Park lies what many Icelanders call "the Crown Jewel of Iceland," Jökulsárlón Lagoon. With a country as geographically sensational as Iceland, it is hard to imagine its crown jewel as anything short of incredible. And Jökulsárlón lives up to its unofficial title. This bay of glaciers keeps thousands of visitors and tourists...
Best Iceland Camping
We all know what a campsite is but when you ask people what they should look for in a campsite, not many of them can provide a certain answer. Being honest, it is not hard to know why as there is a huge variety of them. When trying to find the Best Iceland Campsites in 2018, we were trying...
The Ultimate List Of Open All Year Campsites in Iceland
Many people are very clear about the seasons: they either love winter or they love summer. But what about those who want to come to Iceland regardless of the season? Well, we've got good news for them! There are campsites in Iceland that are actually open throughout the year. We've created this ultimate list of campsites open all year...
Reykjavík Campsite
The majority of the people come to Iceland in Summertime, which is the high season. Milder temperatures and more daylight are some of the reasons why. Camping sites are usually open in Summer because of weather conditions. Roads are clearer and they are easier to reach. It is actually the best time of the year to visit. But belive...


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