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How windy is Iceland? Are there strong gusts?
One of the mistakes first-timers make when visiting Iceland is underestimating just how windy it really gets. Are we talking gentle breezes? Or are gale force winds a more suitable description? I'll let you judge for yourself. A quick glance at this week's wind forecast for Reykjavik shows wind speeds between 13-32 mph (21-51 km/h). So while it's not...
Typical Icelandic houses covered with snow in December
When researching the best time of year to visit Iceland, many people look at planning their trip during low season. The winter months of December, January and February see the roads covered in snow and the sky lit up with the dazzling displays of the Northern Lights. With Christmas soon upon us, you may be wondering what to expect...
Female tourist looking at the mossy landscape while camping in Iceland
Thinking about going camping in Iceland? If you decide to go, it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The country is stunning, and camping is one of the best ways to experience all of its wonders. The black sand beaches of Vík, the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Vatnjökull National...
Driving in Iceland in winter on snowy roads
Winter is here, and that means an onslaught of winter tourists making their way around Iceland’s Ring Road. You can’t really blame them. Prices are lower (along with temperatures), the magnificent Northern Lights are on full display, and you can take part in adventure activities like glacier cave and ice cave exploration and glacier hikes. When driving in Iceland,...
Iceland's November weather brings snowfall and precipitation
November in Iceland brings quite a few changes in the weather. While most people consider the winter months to be December, January, and February, winter in Iceland really stretches more from October to April. During the extended season of cold weather, the island experiences temperatures and snowfall much like other parts of the world. It helps to know what to...
Sunset in Landmannalaugar during Iceland camping trip
I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. We were talking about traveling to Scandinavia, and she said: “Wow, I don’t think I’d even know where to start if I was planning a trip to Iceland”! I found this a little surprising but then realized I had the same initial thoughts and reservations when I wanted to plan...
Suitcase filled with winter clothes for Iceland
Winter is already upon us in Iceland. With temperatures hovering at or around freezing starting in October and staying there through November, December, January, and February, anyone visiting our small island needs to pack the right clothes for their trip. And as the reading on the mercury begins to dip, it’s time to break out the winter gear. So...
October weather in Iceland graphic with fall leaves
When planning a trip to Iceland, one of the first big questions you’ll have to answer is when is the best month to visit. October is considered a good time to go for multiple reasons. The days are relatively long, and the country’s spectacularly sparkling emerald Northern Lights are on full display. The burnt oranges and crisp yellows of...
Waking up to a beautiful, sunny day at Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland
Imagine waking up to the smell of lush, wet grass and the crisp morning sounds of birds chirping with a waterfall gushing off in the distance. That's the ultimate dream image of a perfect Iceland vacation, right? Well if this is your idea of the ideal way to spend your holidays, you're not alone. Thousands of people come to...
Car driving on icy, ashy, sandy roads in Iceland
Many people don’t know this, but Iceland is technically classified as being 20% desert. Crazy fact, right? The majority of this comes from the volcanic plains and the black sand surfaces of Iceland’s Highland and coastal areas. These areas, while stunningly beautiful and incredibly photogenic, can cause severe damage when coupled with high winds and storm fronts. This raises...


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