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We all love advices and hacks, don’t we? They become sort of necessary when the place we are visiting is different from our own country. As we understand it is impossible to be an Iceland expert, we can at least offer some basic information. Because the more you know the easier it will be to move around the country. But when travelling to a particular foreign country for the first time, a little research is necessary. We then gather information for you to learn some basics that will make your traveling life much easier.

Travel Tips

In this section we will provide all kind of tips. From motorhome driving to packing. We intend to make this subdivision fun, helpful and as useful as possible. And all of them are tricks that you will actually use! After reading these posts we know for sure that the best camping adventure is waiting you!

Camping in Iceland in July
Iceland, a land of stark contrasts and raw natural beauty, offers some of the most unique camping experiences in the world. With the allure of the midnight sun, breathtaking landscapes, and a sense of adventure, camping in Iceland during the summer months is an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we'll explore essential tips and advice for making the most...
Reykjavik skyline view from the lake
Reykjavik, the vibrant capital of Iceland, is a city known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and friendly locals. Whether you're visiting to explore its picturesque landscapes, delve into its history, or experience the unique Icelandic culture, knowing the ins and outs of parking in Reykjavik can make your stay much more enjoyable. This guide provides essential...
Iceland solo travel man in the Highlands
Embarking on a journey to Iceland alone can be one of the most empowering and exhilarating experiences. Known for its dramatic landscapes, rich culture, and unparalleled natural beauty, Iceland is a haven for solo adventurers seeking a safe and exciting travel experience. This guide is crafted to equip you with the best tips, tours, and advice to make your solo...
Northern Lights in Iceland
Taking a solo trip is one of the best experiences in life, although for a lot of people it is a difficult step to take. Once you have made this decision with good planning, enjoying a trip unaccompanied will turn into a great adventure. Travelling is undoubtedly an activity that benefits us all in body and mind. It is a...
Iceland photography tips and tricks
You have made the right decision to book a trip to Iceland. This island nation is a photographer's dream and will leave you feeling in awe of nature’s bountiful beauty. Iceland photography is an adventure and a story waiting to be shared with friends and family. In Iceland, there are molten hot volcanoes, shiny diamond beaches, powerful waterfalls, icy...
Driving in Iceland in the fall has less crowds at waterfalls like this
You’ve made the right decision to organize a trip to Iceland and see the captivating Land of Fire and Ice. There are plenty of wonders to enjoy as you tour this fascinating country. The best method of travel, by far, is to rent a car, campervan, or motorhome because Iceland does not have a train system and there are...
An Iceland SIM card
While traveling abroad, it’s essential to be able to make calls or have internet access for things that pop up. Getting an Iceland SIM card to use during your trip will be invaluable as you make your way around the island. Let’s talk about prepaid SIM cards and answer questions like if you can buy a SIM card at...
Does Iceland get polar nights? Reykjavik church Northern Lights
Iceland is a country of extremes; after all, we’re known as the Land of Fire and Ice. But it’s not just the elements here that are opposites. The hours of daylight you find during Iceland in winter and summer are also quite different. We all know about the Midnight Sun, but does Iceland get polar nights as well? Exactly...
Icelandic currency and króna coins
One of the fascinating things about going to another country is that everything is new. From the people to the cuisine to the culture; even the money looks different! Icelandic currency is no exception, so we thought we’d dive into this interesting topic. What is the currency in Iceland? Many people mistakenly think that we use the Euro, but that’s not...
Iceland driving safety tips and advice snowy road
Planning a road trip to Iceland is exciting. Just thinking about the waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, and other natural wonders would make anyone giddy. But there are some more practical matters to take into account. Iceland driving is a unique experience, and keeping safe on the road is our primary concern. I’d like to share some information about...


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