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To go East or go west, that is the question! Is there anything more important than knowing where to go? Routes is a basic and fundamental part of any trip. It does not matter if you are camping, staying are hotels or just spending some couple of hours anywhere. Routes is what helps keeping everything organized. Knowing the places where you want to head and find information about it can save time. Also, do not forget about about saving money by choosing faster routes and places to stay beforehand.


That is why in Camping Iceland Blog we intend to provide different options. For those who do not really know where to start. Or even those who have already been to Iceland before. It does not matter, we all can learn and visit new places and discover what they got to offer. Join us in this adventure, let us be a part of it! We will love to hear all about it!

Volcanic black sand beaches near the seaside town of Vík
Located in southern Iceland, the sleepy fishing town has dominated social media for the past few years. This begs the question, “Why has a small fishing village with a population of around 300 drawn so much fanfare worldwide?” The answer can be summarized in two words: black sand. All of southern Iceland boasts monochromatic beaches, but two of the...
colorful mountians you will discover in your Self-Drive trip to Landmannalaugar
Iceland is a country where nature is exuberant, lavish and unique. No news here! Given the peculiarities of the Icelandic landscape, not every area for tourists is easily accessible. That is why we would like to share some information about the pearl of Iceland’s tourism: Landmannalaugar. This is one of those areas whose access requires a little more knowledge...
Kirkjufell volcano at sunset in Iceland with waterfall
One of Iceland’s monikers is The Land of Fire and Ice, and this nickname is certainly not in vain. There are approximately 130 volcanoes in the country, about 18 of which have erupted since the island was inhabited. Iceland in itself cannot be understood without the existence of these smoking titans. They literally created and shaped the island and...
Campervan on the ring road with snow on the shoulder and a pink sky
Vacation package deals, reservations, hotels, camping sites…whether you choose to use the services of a professional or you decide to be your own and personal travel agent for your trip to Iceland, there is something you do need to be aware of: the best way of discovering this country is by driving through it. We are quite sure there...
Motorhome Iceland Camping
A couple hundred miles every day and you will discover the whole island in about two weeks! I am sure this sounds like a fantastic idea for an adventure. Well, it will be the ultimate experience if you decide to do so in a motorhome or campervan. If you want to discover what Iceland has to offer but do...
Campgrounds In Iceland
Many travellers in Iceland chose to rent a car, a camper or a motorhome, as it makes their route more flexible. After renting the vehicle, the big decision comes when thinking where to stay overnight. On this post, I will make a list of the best campgrounds in Iceland, in my opinion. Grindavik camping site It is located next to Blue...
Best Iceland Camping
We all know what a campsite is but when you ask people what they should look for in a campsite, not many of them can provide a certain answer. Being honest, it is not hard to know why as there is a huge variety of them. When trying to find the Best Iceland Campsites in 2018, we were trying...


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