Every day more and more tourists decide to Go Camping In Iceland as a kind of travelling.  However popular and attrative it became, there are still many people who are quite skeptical about it. There are many aspects regarding camping that may be unclear. Those who never tried it, do not know how it looks like in practice. In this post I will show the adventages of this type of exploring new places. I will give you 5 reasons why you should Go Camping at least once in a lifetime.

Go Camping In Iceland


  1. Oxygenation- regeneration of the body

We spend the whole year in our flats, in airconditioned offices and classrooms. Even when we go shopping it is in large stores without windows. When we want to get some entertainment we go to the indoor swimming pool or bowling or cinema. We try to get some fresh air during the weekends and try to go somewhere to the countryside. This is just a temporary reanimation but will not work for longer time.That is the main reason why you should go camping In Iceland once in your lifetime. You will regenerate the body and recharge the batterien in the open air. I hope there is no need to explain the  good effect of fresh air on your health!

  1. Economic way of camping

Camping in a tent, camper or motorhome is still the most economic way of travelling that exists. It is a great solution for those whose budget is a bit tight. Renting a camper or staying on campsite is cheap and simple at the same time. You can also save on hotels and even food. You can prepare tour own meals if you travel in camper or motorhome. If not, you can always use the kitchennette on campsites.

Go Camping In Iceland

  1. Flexibility in itinerary

When you go on camping with a motorhome or camper, you are the master of your own fate. You decide when and where you are going, at what time you wake up and go to sleep. No regulation of hotels check in/out time nor train timetables limitate you. Most of the time you are limited by working hours, household dutied, money etc. Vacation is your time and you should enjoy it in full. You should Go Camping In Iceland once in a lifetime to get to know how brilliant it is to finally be able to make your own decision on everything.

  1. Beauty of the nature

I laready said about the advantages of the nature for your body, now let’s talk about a spiritual gain. We obviously feel much better in a beafutiful environment of greenery, forecast and lake. Nothing gives more pleasure than communing with nature.

Go Camping In Iceland

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping In Iceland Once In A Lifetime

  1. Educational side of camping

It is probably quite obvious that we can learn a lot when we go camping. It might be that the camping can also create some problems. The weather is not predictable and can not spoil us always, vehicles are just machines and can break, same about your gas stove which is so useful! Camping can teach you creativity, perservence and the most important- resourcefulness. It will teach you how to deal with difficult situation. Next thing you can gain is the knowledge how to behave in nature. It is important to know how to enjoy it, not destroying any of it and let it enjoy to other people as well.

Now, you have already read our article on 5 reasons why you should go camping once in a lifetime. Don’t you feel like heading out and Go Camping In Iceland? That’s what I thought!

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