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Justin Bieber's Iceland music video shows him destroying fragile Icelandic moss

Top 5 Things Justin Bieber Did in Iceland That You Should Avoid

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. I know I might be a little late to the party given that Justin Bieber released his music video filmed in...
Winter travel tips for Iceland

Winter Travel Tips for Iceland

Some people love it, others hate it. But nobody can deny that there is something special about winter, especially in a place like Iceland. I mean, who doesn’t love a cup...
Female tourist looking at the mossy landscape while camping in Iceland

Top 6 Tips for Camping in Iceland (Weather, Packing, Planning, Safety)

Thinking about going camping in Iceland? If you decide to go, it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The country is stunning, and camping is...
Driving in Iceland in winter on snowy roads

Winter Driving in Iceland – Tips and Advice

Winter is here, and that means an onslaught of winter tourists making their way around Iceland’s Ring Road. You can’t really blame them. Prices are lower (along with temperatures), the magnificent...

First Aid For Camping In Iceland – The Essentials

The time you yearned for it finally here, it is camping time! Everyone that loves to go camping are looking for an easy life. No phones, no stress, no hassle. Just...


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