Looking forward for your trip in Iceland? Have you decided to go camping? You’ll probably want to know the best all-season tents for camping in Iceland as well as some useful tips to choose the best model for your trip. Bear in mind you will spend a lot of time inside your tent, so select carefully. Choosing the right tent is one of the most important parts of your trip.

Tents For Camping In Iceland

First, you need to think about four important questions as you focus on your tent search:

  • How many people will be sleeping in it?
  • Is the tent your only means of shelter or do you have a backup vehicle? As you might already know, the weather in Iceland is unpredictable, so the tent should be comfortable enough to stay inside in case of rain (should it be your only option).
  • If you are not particularly handy, make sure the tent is easy to assemble and has easy access.
  • What are the weather conditions? You do not need the same tent to camp in a sunny Mediterranean country as you do in Iceland. Temperature and weather conditions are a huge factor to take into account.

All-season tents are usually best for camping in Iceland. They are really versatile and appropriate for Icelandic weather. Their materials are strong enough to withstand the wind and rain. With some of the models available right now, here’s my ranking for the top five in no particular order.

  1. Coleman Coastline Plus. In my opinion, this is the best tent for two or three people. It even has room for a fourth adult, as it has plenty of space inside. There is an additional awning in case of rain. It’s true that it is not the easiest tent to assemble, but once you have done it, you will enjoy it! It costs a bit more than 100€, it is the best value your money!

Tents For Camping In Iceland2. High Peak Kira. This one is really light, so it is perfect for a trekking route or if you need to change location every day. I would say the maximum capacity to sleep comfortably is three people, even if it features space for four adults. It has two different doors and covered storage space.

3. Skandika Gotland. If you are looking for a big tent, this is the best option. It can accommodate up to six adults, with a central gathering space where you can even stand up. Isolation is really good in this one. It is a bit heavy (about 19kg), so I do not recommend it if you are traveling to a different place every day. In this case, even if there are five or six of you, in my opinion, it’s better to take two or three small and light tents. The cost is almost the same for two tents for three people than for a tent for six people.

If you are thinking to camp during winter in Iceland, bear in mind that only a few campsites remain open, so you will need to plan your route in advance. In this case, I recommend a winter tent, with stronger and heavier materials. The tent walls are usually inclined so water and snow slip down.

Finally, let me point out a few extra tips to help you on your camping adventure in Iceland:

  • After you’ve used the tent, make sure it is completely dry before folding it up.
  • Clean the tent and straighten the spikes before storing the tent
  • Make sure there are no stones or roots that could slit the tent floor. This will assure you a good night’s sleep as well. It’s a good idea to put a plastic below the tent: that will prevent it from getting from damp.
  • Check the wind direction and set the tent in the opposite direction. Otherwise, the wind might blow the tent away.

Tents For Camping In Iceland

Best Tents For Camping In Iceland All Seasons

If you follow these tips, you’ll surely not only have found one of the best tents for camping in Iceland, but you’ll also have an amazing camping experience.

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