Today let’s talk about one of my favorite topics in the world: food! But when camping in Iceland, we have to plan our own menus and be our own chefs instead of booking a table at a fancy restaurant. Camping is probably the number one option for travelers that visit Iceland, and that usually implies a limited budget. A perfect way to save some bucks is making our food while camping in Iceland. Now, does this mean we have to live on macaroni, canned tuna, and spaghetti bolognese for ten days? Of course not! It only takes a bit of preparation and imagination to have a varied, healthy yet delicious menu on your camping table. Don’t worry, we’ll help you. Here you have the best foods for camping and easy tricks to prepare them.

Skillet cooking dinner over camping stove

Camping means freedom and flexibility, but it also means limited facilities, tools, and utensils when it comes to cooking. If you happen to rent a motorhome, you may have a larger kitchen area, but space is still limited. If you are renting a camper, then you need to be even more adapted to the circumstances as you will probably be cooking on a gas camping stove. That is not a bad thing at all! I even enjoy doing this from time to time. You are out in the wild, sharing a great time with family or friends, cooking outdoors, chatting, feeling the breeze. And let’s be honest, when the outcome is good, you feel proud and ready for the next adventure.

Planning a Menu For Your Iceland Camping Trip

First of all, let’s be selective but not too picky. The point of camping in Iceland is to wander freely, forget about rushing or schedules and the worries of the modern world. While we need to forget about losing weight and being all about fitness, we must not fall into the temptation of living on fast food. The healthy thing to do is to have a balanced diet that adapts to the needs of our body and the energy we consume. While in Iceland, you will be hiking glaciers, trekking in ice caves, climbing volcanic craters, and sightseeing nonstop.

This level of activity means we must have an appropriate diet. This way, our body will better be able to respond to these challenges. Nothing is worse than feeling exhausted on the second day of your ten-day Iceland vacation, right? To avoid this, we need to feed our body with the right balance of vitamins and micronutrients so it can cope with the physical effort. When planning your Iceland camping trip, the menu and food you will eat are big considerations. 

Food to Make While Camping in Iceland – What to Buy

Usually, the guidelines provided by experts are that when doing a lot of physical activity, you need to have a good portion of carbohydrates and proteins. Avoiding excess fat will also prevent stomach pain or any digestive inconveniences. Hydrating is a must, so do not forget to bring your refillable water bottle. Icelandic water is free and of very high quality.

The good news is that products rich in carbohydrates are usually cheap and can make a lot of servings out of one package. Among them are pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and oats. Protein can be found in eggs, meat, dairy products, and fish.

Close up of pasta in glass bowl, an Iceland camping cooking staple

Everything sounds delicious and easy to pack, right? You can get this stuff pretty easily at any supermarket. When stocking up in Iceland, I highly recommend you to head to low-cost supermarkets such as Bónus or Nettó. You can buy canned fish, a couple of packages of pasta and rice. Dairy products are harder to keep unspoiled if you don’t have a fridge (though most campers have a tiny fridge). In Iceland, most gas stations have a convenience store where you can buy milk and eggs, so you really don’t need to stock up on these items. Just buy them as you go. Calculate how many portions you will need and how long you will stay camping in Iceland. Then, plan a menu. It will make cooking much easier.

Food to Make While Camping in Iceland – The One Pot Method

Do you have limited kitchenware or crockery? What about less than stellar cooking skills? Nothing to worry about, the one-pot method is for everyone! If you are looking for filling, comforting food, then this is your go-to. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how delicious the final result can be.

When camping, we can’t use microwaves or electronic appliances And forget about your amazing cooking robot, Crockpot, or let alone your almighty Thermomix.  As the title states, everything is cooked in just one pot. That will also reduce the mess you will have to clean up afterward. Here are some delicious, easy-to-make recipes.

Breakfast Ideas for Camping in Iceland

Classic Pancakes

You just need your camping stove, one pan, a spatula, and a bowl to mix the ingredients. Pancakes take about 25 minutes to make and are delicious. See recipe here.

Hearty Oatmeal

A yummy dish to start the day in just 10 minutes! All in one pot. You just need a stove and stirring spoon and water, milk, or a milk substitute. See recipe here

Lunch Ideas for Camping in Iceland

One-Pot Chicken Alfredo

It only takes 30 minutes to get this one done. It is a hearty, filling meal and of course, it is delicious. You only need a couple of ingredients. Nothing too fancy. See recipe here.

Camping in Iceland one-pot chicken alfredo recipe

Sausage and Pepper Rice

Get great flavor using just some basic ingredients. You really don’t need any fancy cooking technique. Just use one pot, and in 30 minutes, you will have enough food to feed many hungry mouths. See recipe here.

For more ideas, here are 30 recipes to cook in one pot while camping in Iceland.

Food to Make While Camping in Iceland – The Foil Wrapped Method

Sometimes even a skillet is a luxury, but that should not stop us from cooking up a few great meals. Putting some products directly on the grill can burn them and ruin their flavor. If you don’t have enough tools for a great bbq experience, then foil is your best friend while camping in Iceland. Foil prevent most foods from drying out while being cooked, so the chances of burning them are lower. The result is especially great when the food is properly seasoned.  You don’t even need to be constantly checking how it’s coming along. Just allow some time for the recipe to cook and voilà! Lunch or dinner is done!

Here are some cool foil recipes to cook while camping. It’s never been this easy!

Camping in Iceland – Best Foods to Cook And Recipes

As you can see, cooking while camping can be both easy and delicious. You really don’t need to live on ramen noodle cups or spend half the day cooking just to whip up something tasty. Prepare your daily menu and stock up accordingly; it will save you time and money. You will have a great experience while camping in Iceland if your body is fueled properly!

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