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Handsome Icelandic man having a walk along the black sand beach in Iceland
When you come to Iceland for the first time, there are many things that will surprise you. The wind and weather are almost always a shock for tourists and visitors alike. And little things like the words and expressions we use give small insights into our culture and way of thinking. A favorite phrase among Icelanders is “þetta reddast”....
Tourists exploring Iceland's natural wonders
It is no secret that Iceland is a popular tourist destination. Instagram influencers, videographers, and bloggers seem to all set their sights on Iceland to build essential foundations for their brands. Iceland offers an otherworldly landscape where artists can truly put their skills to the test. However, it wasn’t always this way. Iceland has experienced exponential and consistent growth...
Learn some basic Icelandic phrases before your trip to Iceland
Icelandic is hard. No really, I am not lying. Icelandic is consistently ranked as one of the most challenging languages to learn, in part, due to its irregular verb tenses, difficult pronunciation, and its archaic foundation set in Old Norse. Fun Fact: Icelandic today is not that much different than traditional Old Norse. Meaning, if you were fluent in...


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