The vehicle that you rent for your Iceland camping trip is one of the most important choices that you will make when planning your journey. So what are the best motorhome rental companies in Iceland? What are the factors you should consider and what amenities are available with rented vehicles? And what’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome? These are important points to consider and crucial information to know when making any purchasing decision.

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Campervan or Motorhome?

Here’s the first big question. Should you rent a campervan or a motorhome? And what’s the difference between the two? Put quite simply, a campervan is just a smaller, stripped-down version of a motorhome. Campervans are vans that have been retrofitted with heated sleeping arrangements for two in the back of the vehicle. They don’t have all of the bells and whistles of a motorhome such as cooking facilities, a shower, a bathroom, etc. They are great for a couple of young people road tripping around Iceland. Motorhomes are larger and feel more like homes, including features like beds, a dining table, and recreational areas. This type of vehicle is perfect families or larger groups of people. If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you’ve already decided that you want to rent a motorhome. I just wanted to clear up the difference because many people don’t realize there is one.

Best Motorhome Rental Companies in Iceland

Most if not all of the companies in Iceland offer both campervan and motorhome rental. This is due to the popularity of both types of vehicles for people planning a camping trip around Iceland. Don’t be surprised if you see campervan options on their websites alongside the models they have for motorhome rental. Naturally, the motorhomes are larger and have significantly more amenities, so naturally they will be more expensive.

As far as the best motorhome rental companies in Iceland, we’ve narrowed it down three. There are more of course, but I know there is only so much time in the day read articles about motorhome rental in Iceland. I chose these companies because they have an excellent reputation with regards to both the quality and selection of vehicles for hire and outstanding customer service. These are the most important factors when choosing a motorhome rental company. You get what you pay for, and it’s better to spend a little more and know you’ll be well taken care of.

Motorhome Iceland is one of the top-rated companies on Google Reviews. They have review after glowing review posted by customers of their five-star experiences with the local team and rental services. Camper Rental Iceland also has a lot of positive feedback from clients who have rented from them. Yet another excellent choice for motorhome rental in Iceland is Campervan Reykjavik. They’ve got great word of mouth and pride themselves on being locally-based.

  • Motorhome Iceland
  • Campervan Reykjavik
  • Camper Rental Iceland

Iceland motorhome rental viewing a lake

Amenities That Come With Motorhome Rental

Now for the fun part: amenities! I love taking road trips, and let me tell you: there’s nothing better than chilling out in the back of a motorhome while playing a game of Uno and watching the scenery or taking a nice, hot shower after coming in from the cold. Here’s a checklist of the things to look for when choosing your motorhome rental.

  1. Unlimited mileage/kilometers. This usually comes standard in all vehicle rentals in Iceland
  2. How many seats and beds do you need? Motorhomes sleep from two to six people.
  3. Sink with running water. Be sure to check the capacity of the tank for drinking water to make sure you have enough.
  4. Toilet. This comes standard with motorhomes. You will likely need to search out campsites that have waste disposal facilities.
  5. Fridge. For keeping your food and snacks close by.
  6. Hot Shower. This is one of the nicest features of motorhomes.
  7. Cookware and Cutlery. You’ll want to make some meals on the road.
  8. Linens, pillows, and towels. Check to see if these come with your vehicle or if you need to rent them.
  9. Dining table or dining area. Enjoy your meals inside with your friends and family. This usually doubles as a recreational area.
  10. Storage area for keeping your suitcase and anything else you don’t always need on hand.

Woman in rental motorhome admiring Iceland's countryside

Other Factors to Consider

I want to talk about two factors with motorhome rental that are very Iceland specific. The first is insurance and the second is the weather. Hear me out! I know that on the surface these may not seem like the most exciting topics. But I want to just give you two quick tips that will make your trip go much more smoothly. The first piece of advice I want to offer is the get the full suite of insurance provided by your rental company. I know, I know. Most people think of rental insurance as just an added upsell used by the companies to squeeze more money out of you for your already expensive rental. That’s not the case here in Iceland and I’ll tell you why.

Because of the island’s extreme elements, there are lots of unexpected surprises that can crop up. Sandstorms, ash storms, snow storms, hail storms…the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that many of the country’s roads are not always paved. Many people who come to Iceland on vacation make the mistake of thinking that driving conditions here will be the same as back home. They are in for a nasty surprise if they go in with this mindset.

Icelandic road covered with snow

We recommend protecting both your wallet and your motorhome rental by getting Gravel Protection, Sand & Ash Protection, and either Collision Damage Waiver insurance and/or Super Collision Damage Waiver insurance. You can also opt for the Theft Protection insurance, but honestly, this is the one you don’t really need. Crime and theft are very low in Iceland and it is a pretty safe country overall. Most of the rental companies throw this one in for free as they know it’s not very likely to happen.

Beware the Cold

Another tip applies for those visiting Iceland in the winter. The months of October to April see temperatures hovering right around the freezing point, especially at night. While there are mechanisms in place to prevent the pipes from freezing, when the mercury dips past a certain point there’s not really much you can do. Unfortunately, if you come to Iceland when the country is experiencing severely cold weather you just might find yourself without running water in your motorhome for a while. Sorry to say, the rental company can’t do much about the weather either. You’ll just have to play it by ear to see if temperatures rise and have a backup plan in the case of frozen pipes.

Choosing a Motorhome For Your Iceland Camping Trip

I hope the tips and information outlined above will help you make an informed decision about which motorhome to rent while camping in Iceland. Good luck and let us know how your trip goes!

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