Camping in winter has its own special attractions that are not exclusive to the summer time. January is one of the coldest months in Iceland, so being well prepared is a must. I would like to give you a few helpful tips when camping in Iceland in January.

Staying outdoors winter camping in Iceland does not necessarily have to be a difficult experience. Although you do need to find a way to stay warm and keep the humidity away. Camping in Iceland in January can be such an amazing experience if done in the right way.

Iceland in January

 Choose the right location for camping

If you want to pitch your tent outdoors in the winter and spend the night or nights in one place, you should take some tips to avoid being awakened by unpleasant surprises or endangering yourself and your own equipment. Basically, it is important to choose a safe location for the tent. A sheltered place ensures not only a quiet night during the winter camping, but also for warmth.

Many campgrounds in Iceland are open all year long. They are a great option to stay for the night, be sure to check them out.

Beware the wind in Iceland

If you will be camping in an open field. You will need to check for wind-protected places for camping in Iceland in January. Alternatively, you can make a small wall out of snow, which is ideally positioned on the side of the tent from which the wind comes. In addition, it is advisable to accumulate a small snow wall at the bottom of the tent, so that no wind can reach under the tent. Of course, in this case, an isolating mat is a must.

Iceland in January

A good quality mat between the tent floor and your sleeping bag is essential for Camping in Iceland in January. Today there are many mats that can be compressed to the size of a water bottle. Amazing, right? You will completely and sufficiently isolate your tent floor from the tough weather. If you would like to have a warmer place, you can put a blanket under the mat.


Just follow the “onion rule” Layering is the trick! Do not forget to bring some water and windproof clothing. It is especially important for Camping in Iceland in January to make sure that your clothes stay as dry as possible. If you went on a hiking adventure and sweated a lot, take care that the wet clothes get dry again. Wet clothing will make you feel way colder.

Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag is an essential part camping, at any time of the year. If you are thinking about buying a sleeping bag, you should always pay attention to the specified temperature ranges.

Iceland in January

Camping In Iceland In January – An Alfresco Adventure

You also have to decide: feather filled sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag? Maybe one of the advantages of the synthetic ones is they dry faster. Be sure your sleeping bag has a cap to cover your head or neck. This type of collar ensures that no warm air can escape out of your bag.

Now you got plenty of advices for Camping in Iceland in January! A wild amazing adventure is awaiting you in the land of ice and fire!

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