Camping is such a relaxing activity and it is usually aimed for people who love to be adventurous and fun. When an activity is good, we just love sharing the experience with our precious one, humans or animals! So why not bring our pets to our fantastic Icelandic camping trip? If you are planning on doing so, here you will find some great Pet-Friendly Iceland campsites.

Pet Friendly Iceland Campsites

This article will be mainly aimed to dog owners in Iceland, as we got asked constantly about dogs being allowed on motorhomes or at campgrounds. To our foreign travelers, the first thing you need to be aware of is that international travel with your dog can be quite complicated and for a short trip, it is not really recommended. Bringing your dog can even be twice the trouble. As Iceland has a quite fragile fauna and flora, the requirements to get a foreign animal in the country are very strict: Quarantine, application fees, vaccinations, veterinary checks…and so on. Yet knowing what Pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites you have available would never hurt!

Although the places we will mention are Pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites, bear in mind that there are still certain rules. Owners must always keep an eye on pets, dogs must be cleaned. Also, the campsite area where they spent the night should be cleaned by the owner before departing. Following these simple rules will ensure every site remain Pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites! Here you have some of them:

Pet-Friendly Campsites in South Iceland:


It is close to a small forest area in Iceland, which is not that common at all! The campground offers some basic facilities such as WC, playground for kids and trekking paths.


Located at Biskupstungur, this campsite is great for families and animal lovers. Among their facilities, they got electricity, showers, WC, Washing machines and swimming pool! Here, you can also rent horses.

Pet Friendly Iceland Campsites


This campsite is close to the beautiful glacier of Mýrdalsjökull. Ther are many walk paths available for visitors, dining areas for those dinner recipes and picnics as well as waste disposal for motorhomes.

Pet-Friendly Campsites in East Iceland:


Close to a guesthouse with the same name in Neskaupstadur, this campsite is great to enjoy the outdoors. There is a playground, camping tables, hot tubes and many outdoor activities!


You can find it right in the center of Seyðisfirði town, it offers plenty of services and there are grocery stores, markets and restaurants around it.

Borgarfjordur Eystri

You will love the surroundings as this area is well known for its amazing hiking routs and landscapes. Here you can fish, hike and use the camping sport area.

Pet-Friendly Campsites in North Iceland


Great views over the fjord in this campsite! It is a peaceful area close to the main village. There are pols with water slides for kids and motorhome and tent facilities.  I bet your dog would love most of these pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites!


In this campsite, each client has their own stands and place for their tent or motorhome. Electricity is available just for some of them, so be sure to check this with the campsite while booking.


Hot and cold running water, showers, toilets are among this campsite’s facilities. Sport area and horse rental is also an option here!

Pet Friendly Iceland Campsites

Pet-Friendly Campsites in West Iceland:


If you happen to visit this beautiful village, you can stay at this campsite, they share names! in the famous beach Rauðisandur, you can watch seals in their own habitat. The campsite has many facilities and equipment, that is why it made it to our Pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites list!


Facilities are grocery store, gift shop, post office, sailing among others. The place is quite easy to find as it is right in the town.


Located on the south side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the area is a great spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Pet-Friendly Iceland Campsites – Include Your Four-Legged Friend!

Enjoy your trip with your doggy or another furry friend!

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