The majority of the people come to Iceland in Summertime, which is the high season. Milder temperatures and more daylight are some of the reasons why. Camping sites are usually open in Summer because of weather conditions. Roads are clearer and they are easier to reach. It is actually the best time of the year to visit. But belive it or not, people also travel in Winter. This season also have plenty options to offer. And Reykjavík Campsite is right open for you!

Reykjavík Campsite

That is why Reykjavík Campsite is quite convenient, it is open all year around. Whoever want to come, in winter or summer, here you have a place to stay.  Also, there is no need to reserve in advance.

There are many reasons to go camping even in Winter. Besides avoiding crows and having cheaper prices, of course. The landscapes during such time look like a fairytale. Northern lights are also more common in this cold season.

When you get home after travelling, you usually feel exhausted, tired and willing to relax. This does not happen when you opt for camping. When you stay at a campsite, you are continuously listening to the breeze blowing and you reconnect with the nature living off the grid. Also there are amazing tours and winter activities going on in Iceland.

So, why not staying at Reykjavík Campsite in Winter?

Reykjavík Campsite is situated really close to the city center. It has the beautiful eco-green concept but just 3km away from the urban area. That makes it easier when you feel like going shopping or having some coffee surrounded by the crowd. I think it makes this location is perfect. You can also do some nightlife in Reykjavik and come back walking if you wear comfortable shoes. It is a 30-45- minutes walking distance. A taxi ride is usually expensive in Iceland; I would leave it as the last option.

Reykjavík Campsite

The campsite is quite big; it can accommodate up to 900 persons. People can sleep both in tents or caravans, there is a space reserved for both. It has electricity for you to use and lavatory disposal area.

If you are planning to rent a caravan, it is very important to reserve your camper in advance. They usually run out of vehicles because of the touristic boom Iceland has been experiencing lately. So try booking your RV right after buying your plane ticket.

Many local companies will help you through the booking process and answer any question you might have about this type of traveling. The common area of Reykjavík Campsite offers a big kitchen, toilets, showers, indoor and outdoor seating. The kitchen area is very large and well-appointed with sinks, pans, pots and stoves. This means you can eat yummy homemade food!

Sharing is caring. People here leave food and equipment they do not need anymore so someone else con use them. The showers have hot water and you can use them for free. As we said before, the Reykjavík Campsite is eco-friendly. There are instructions to how recycle and how to reduce waste. They are very environmentally conscious.

Reykjavík Campsite

Reykjavík Campsite – Enjoy Camping All Year Long!

There is free WIFI, free tour information and you can also rent bikes to discover the surroundings.

Iceland is a paradise for nature lovers. Camping is a popular choice for almost all travelers in Iceland. This Reykjavík Campsite is the best option if you are planning to visit Iceland in Winter.

Come and enjoy the wildlife of Iceland!

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