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The Midnight Sun in Iceland over the ocean

Iceland – One of the Best Places to See the Midnight Sun

In addition to being known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is also known as the land of the Midnight Sun. Iceland’s Midnight Sun should be on every traveler's...
Iceland's Northern Lights at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

When and Where to See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Along with the sunrise and sunset, contemplating the Northern Lights in Iceland is one of the most amazing visual scenes that you will ever experience. It is a show of lights...
Retro camera on vintage wooden background showing best photography in Iceland concept

Best Photography Locations in Iceland

I have a confession to make. In addition to being a fan of camping, I am also a huge fan of photography. After taking a few classes, I finally got up...
Calendar flipping with best time of year concept

When is the best time to visit Iceland?

Iceland is a spectacular country known the world over for its natural beauty. The stark contrasts of fire and ice are what give this country its unique flair. From its sweeping...
Coffee with plane outline and cheap plane tickets

How to get cheap flights to Iceland – Best Tips and Tricks

Let's just put it right out there. Iceland is expensive.  It's considered part of Scandinavia, and as such the prices on this tiny island follow suit. That being said, not everything...
Waterfall in Iceland in July, one of the best times to go

Why July is the Best Time to Go to Iceland

It's difficult to choose the best time to go to Iceland as each month and each season have different things that make them special. During the month of July, summer is...
Table spread with Icelandic Hardfiskur and charcoal bread with butter

Icelandic Food – What Can You Eat in Iceland?

Iceland is well-known for many things: stunning glaciers, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanoes and majestic Northern Lights. One of the less prominent aspects of the country, however, is its gastronomy. Iceland’s growing...


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