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Iceland's currency the Króna. How expensive is Iceland?

Is Iceland Expensive to Visit?

When planning a trip to Iceland, you'll probably hear many responses. “Wow, Iceland is so beautiful! That's amazing” is a popular one. “It's going to be cold/windy/snowy/other awful weather condition” is...
Road trip with a motorhome or campervan rental in Iceland

What’s the difference between a motorhome and a camper van?

Motorhomes are the terrestrial whales of the road. They are big, cumbersome, and yet they instill a sense of adventure in those who drive past them. Adventure is synonymous with Iceland....
Coffee with plane outline and cheap plane tickets

How to get cheap flights to Iceland – Best Tips and Tricks

Let's just put it right out there. Iceland is expensive.  It's considered part of Scandinavia, and as such the prices on this tiny island follow suit. That being said, not everything...
Calculating the cost for camping on a budget in Iceland

Traveling and Camping on a Budget in Iceland

A trip to Iceland is a dream come true for many travel lovers. Nowadays many of them are making this dream a reality. However, not all of those adventurers are aware...
Iceland on a Budget

Camping Iceland on a Budget – Save Some Bucks!

Camping is a cheap activity itself and it offers such great opportunities to get to know Iceland. But if we stop and think, it is clear that Iceland is not exactly...


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