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Iceland's February weather has a lot of snowfall

Iceland’s Weather in February – Temperature, Snowfall, Daylight

Iceland is a spectacular vacation destination for the winter. The country’s snowy landscapes are pristine and beautiful. Outdoor activities like glacier hikes on Skaftafell or exploring the Crystal Ice Cave in...
Iceland's weather in January is cold and snowy with low temperatures

What to Know About Iceland’s January Weather: Temperatures, Snowfall, Daylight

Iceland in January is a magical time. The country’s legendary landscapes are blanketed in white snow like a virtual winter wonderland. Waterfalls freeze and are stopped in time in a state...
How windy is Iceland? Are there strong gusts?

Iceland’s Weather and Climate: How Windy Does it Really Get?

One of the mistakes first-timers make when visiting Iceland is underestimating just how windy it really gets. Are we talking gentle breezes? Or are gale force winds a more suitable description?...
Typical Icelandic houses covered with snow in December

December Weather in Iceland (Temperature, Daylight Hours, What to Pack)

When researching the best time of year to visit Iceland, many people look at planning their trip during low season. The winter months of December, January and February see the roads...
Iceland's November weather brings snowfall and precipitation

What is the Weather Like in November in Iceland?

November in Iceland brings quite a few changes in the weather. While most people consider the winter months to be December, January, and February, winter in Iceland really stretches more from...
October weather in Iceland graphic with fall leaves

October Weather in Iceland: Rain Rain Go Away!

When planning a trip to Iceland, one of the first big questions you’ll have to answer is when is the best month to visit. October is considered a good time to...
Car driving on icy, ashy, sandy roads in Iceland

Iceland Car Rental 101: Protect Yourself with Sand and Ash Coverage

Many people don’t know this, but Iceland is technically classified as being 20% desert. Crazy fact, right? The majority of this comes from the volcanic plains and the black sand surfaces...
Girl checking the scenery in the mild Iceland weather in August

Iceland Weather in August – What to Expect from Summer

July is quickly coming to close, and with it (unfortunately) summer as well. We are welcoming the last month of summer with a smile, and looking forward to soaking up the...
Iceland weather forecast on a smartphone and smartwatch

lceland’s Weather During the Year with Temperature and Daylight Hours

When planning a vacation to Iceland, there are certain things to keep in mind. The weather during each month will directly affect what you will pack. The average monthly temperature in...


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