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Traditional Icelandic lopapeysa wool sweater

The Traditional Icelandic Lopapeysa Wool Sweater – Stay Warm

Iceland is more than just incredible landscapes, road trips around the island, and unforgettable adventures. Iceland is also about tradition. And who would have ever thought, it’s also linked to fashion....
One of Iceland's most spectacular sightseeing locations, the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral

Reykjavik Sightseeing: Hallgrímskirkja Church

With all the great flight deals and special promotions we have nowadays, you can easily travel to Reykjavik from anywhere around the globe. As you already may know,...
Handsome Icelandic man having a walk along the black sand beach in Iceland

Icelandic Culture: The Thetta Reddast Philosophy

When you come to Iceland for the first time, there are many things that will surprise you. The wind and weather are almost always a shock for tourists and visitors alike....
Tourists exploring Iceland's natural wonders

Tourism in Iceland: How did Iceland get so popular?

It is no secret that Iceland is a popular tourist destination. Instagram influencers, videographers, and bloggers seem to all set their sights on Iceland to build essential foundations for their brands....
Learn some basic Icelandic phrases before your trip to Iceland

Helpful Icelandic Phrases to Use During Your Trip

Icelandic is hard. No really, I am not lying. Icelandic is consistently ranked as one of the most challenging languages to learn, in part, due to its irregular verb tenses, difficult...
Table spread with Icelandic Hardfiskur and charcoal bread with butter

Icelandic Food – What Can You Eat in Iceland?

Iceland is well-known for many things: stunning glaciers, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanoes and majestic Northern Lights. One of the less prominent aspects of the country, however, is its gastronomy. Iceland’s growing...


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