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Camping gear for Iceland camping trip: the ultimate guide

Comprehensive Iceland Camping Guide Part 3: Equipment

Welcome back to our comprehensive guide to camping in Iceland. In parts one and two, we covered what to expect with the weather and the different types of camping in Iceland....
Multiple tents set up at Skógafoss waterfall for camping in Iceland in September

Tips and Advice to Enjoy Camping In Iceland in September

You've purchased your camping card and have set up your campervan or RV rental in Iceland.  The camping season is quickly coming to a close, but it’s not over yet. September...
Ultimate backpack buying guide for camping in Iceland

Buying Guide for Camping Backpacks

Trying to find the perfect backpack can make you feel like you're stuck pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity. I have struggled with this for years. My current backpack...

Getting Warmed Up For a Camping in Iceland in August

We all can agree that camping is such a great activity for so many reasons. And even though every month in Iceland has its own charm, the whole situation varies depending...

First Aid For Camping In Iceland – The Essentials

The time you yearned for it finally here, it is camping time! Everyone that loves to go camping are looking for an easy life. No phones, no stress, no hassle. Just...
Tents For Camping In Iceland

Best Tents For Camping In Iceland All Season

Looking forward for your trip in Iceland? Have you decided to go camping? You'll probably want to know the best all-season tents for camping in Iceland as well as some useful...
Camping Equipment in Reykjavik

Best Camping Equipment Stores In Reykjavik

Traveling to a foreign country is not an easy task for sure. If you want everything to go as smooth as possible, planning is a must. Camping in Iceland is one...
Camping in Iceland

All You Need to Know About Camping in Iceland

Camping may seem like a relaxed and laid back activity we love to enjoy while away from home. The truth is we should never take it for granted. Camping is nothing...


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