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Food and cooking ideas for camping in Iceland

Best Food to Make During Your Iceland Camping Trip

Camping in Iceland is probably one of the cheapest and most affordable ways to discover this Nordic nation. It also provides a closer contact to nature, more flexibility and planning adapted...
Hjónabandssæla is "marital bliss" cake, a traditional Icelandic dessert

Iceland’s Best Desserts: You Can’t Just Have One

Traditional Icelandic food is often hearty and comforting. This is undoubtedly the result of attempting to combat the vicious and harsh conditions our ancestors faced when they settled the island. Also,...
Braud & Co bakery location at Hlemmur food hall in downtown Reykjavik

Dining in Reykjavik: Hlemmur Food Hall

What could be better than going to a fantastic new restaurant during your camping trip in Reykjavik? What about trying foods from ten different food vendors? That's precisely what you'll find...
Delicious breakfast treats at the bakery counter

Breakfast in Reykjavik: Sandholt Bakery

For early risers, there’s nothing better than strolling the through the city, bright and early, with a nice cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast. Why not head to a...
Icelandic Hot Dogs served on a table

Icelandic Hot Dogs: The Country’s Unofficial Food

Everybody knows what a hot dog is. It is such a popular and yummy food and at the same time a simple and cheap one. They are just a sausage in...
Table spread with Icelandic Hardfiskur and charcoal bread with butter

Icelandic Food – What Can You Eat in Iceland?

Iceland is well-known for many things: stunning glaciers, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanoes and majestic Northern Lights. One of the less prominent aspects of the country, however, is its gastronomy. Iceland’s growing...


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