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Delicious breakfast treats at the bakery counter
For early risers, there’s nothing better than strolling the through the city, bright and early, with a nice cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast. Why not head to a bakery in downtown Reykjavik and enjoy the city’s quaint buildings and parks with an equally delicious baked good? Enter Sandholt Bakery and Eatery. While it’s not Reykjavik’s oldest...
Green pump at gas station in Iceland
Driving around Iceland on the country’s 1,333 km (828 mi) Ring Road means spending a fair bit of time at the local petrol stations along the way. No Iceland itinerary would be complete without having to stop your vehicle, stretch, grab some Icelandic hot dogs, take photos, and then get back on the open road. If you have never...
Vatnajökull National Park is home to Europe's largest glacier and spectacular ice caves and glacier caves
In the last few years, social media has exploded with photos of otherworldly landscapes of lava fields, imposing emerald mountains with snow-capped peaks, and thrilling slow-motion footage of frost covered gloves gliding over polar blue ice covered walls. I’m a sucker for both slow-motion footage and ice, and posts with Icelandic glacier caves in places like Vatnajökull National Park...
Where are the regions of Iceland on a map?
The capital area gets most the attention in Iceland; this is due part and parcel because its population is more than the rest of the country combined. So why don’t we show some love to the other seven regions of Iceland? Pull out your map for a quick rundown of the eight regions of Iceland, and also the main...
Iceland's Norhtern Lights in the fall at Kirkjufell on Snaefellsnes peninsula
Winter is coming. You couldn’t hear me, but I definitely just said that in a Ned Stark accent. I would put good money that you read it in his accent when you saw it though. Weird, right? I digress. The sun is setting sooner, the winds are picking up, and it seems like all of the snow in the...
Views from inside of a car on a Road trip in Iceland
Welcome back to our third and final installment of your 7-day itinerary for a road trip in Iceland. We are now reaching the end of our trip as we wake up in the beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula. I recommend waking up early to take advantage of the entire day. What exciting and breathtaking locations await us in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula? Day...
girl with a map for hr 7-Day Ring Road Itinerary
You have just spent the night either in Vík or somewhere in the surrounding region. You are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to go out and tackle the next portion of your Ring Road adventure through Iceland. Southern Iceland has some must-see locations you should visit before making your way up north and eventually back west. Now that you have...
Family on Iceland Ring Road 7 day itinerary
Even though summer is rapidly coming to a close in Iceland, you still have enough time to pull the trigger on an Icelandic summer adventure you will never forget. Road tripping through Iceland is something I think everyone should do in their lives at least once, and completing the Ring Road is a bucket list item for countless travelers....
What are the top stops and attractions on Iceland's southern Ring Road?
Welcome back to part two of the best places to stop in southern Iceland during your trip around the Ring Road! Like I said in the previous article, there are a multitude of stops to choose from when it comes to traveling the Ring Road in Iceland. And southern Iceland is no exception. Let us take a look at...
Skogafoss falls are a popular stop on Iceland's southern Ring Road route
Congratulations! You are thinking about embarking on one of the greatest road trips in the world: traversing Iceland’s picturesque Ring Road route. The iconic route circumnavigates the entire island of Iceland, and you will see a handful of our breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes. But, where do you go? What should you see? If you are taking the most common...


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