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Every blog has its own learning and educational side, don’t they? Well in Camping Iceland Blog we have ours and it is under the Review category. This articles sometimes have not a direct link to Iceland but to camping as an activity itself. This way we can inform about preparation, organization, things to keep in mind. And of course, may topics more. This way if it is the first time you singed into this great activity, you know you are doing it the right way.


Get involve with us and let us know your doubts, what you would like to know about camping. We will gladly try our best to provide information in a simple and easy way. From tents recommendations to camping tricks, for kids, families or just solo travel. Whatever way you choose to camp, camping is fun and enjoyable. Let’s make the process of learning that way too!

Car driving on icy, ashy, sandy roads in Iceland
Many people don’t know this, but Iceland is technically classified as being 20% desert. Crazy fact, right? The majority of this comes from the volcanic plains and the black sand surfaces of Iceland’s Highland and coastal areas. These areas, while stunningly beautiful and incredibly photogenic, can cause severe damage when coupled with high winds and storm fronts. This raises...
Multiple tents set up at Skógafoss waterfall for camping in Iceland in September
You've purchased your camping card and have set up your campervan or RV rental in Iceland.  The camping season is quickly coming to a close, but it’s not over yet. September resides in the sweet spot for camping in Iceland; most of the tourists have stopped coming (at least with the hopes of camping), the prices for renting gear...
Green pump at gas station in Iceland
Driving around Iceland on the country’s 1,333 km (828 mi) Ring Road means spending a fair bit of time at the local petrol stations along the way. No Iceland itinerary would be complete without having to stop your vehicle, stretch, grab some Icelandic hot dogs, take photos, and then get back on the open road. If you have never...
Vatnajökull National Park is home to Europe's largest glacier and spectacular ice caves and glacier caves
In the last few years, social media has exploded with photos of otherworldly landscapes of lava fields, imposing emerald mountains with snow-capped peaks, and thrilling slow-motion footage of frost covered gloves gliding over polar blue ice covered walls. I’m a sucker for both slow-motion footage and ice, and posts with Icelandic glacier caves in places like Vatnajökull National Park...
Fall and winter can be great times to visit Iceland
Iceland is an adventurers' paradise; are sprawling untamed landscapes will captivate your imagination, and make you fall in love with the great outdoors all over again. If you are searching for the perfect place to take an autumn or winter getaway, then look no further than Iceland. The fall and winter are traditionally the least popular times to visit...
There are certain do's and dont's to follow when camping in Iceland
Camping in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. Nowhere else in the world can you find so much natural beauty condensed into such a small area. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or a greenhorn novice, there are some important aspects to camping in Iceland that you should be aware of. Do not fear; these are simply Iceland-specific reminders and...
Ultimate backpack buying guide for camping in Iceland
Trying to find the perfect backpack can make you feel like you're stuck pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity. I have struggled with this for years. My current backpack collection is slightly shameful and embarrassing due to the sheer size. Buying backpacks is arguably my greatest vice. Daypacks for urban environments, packs of varying sizes for camping,...
What is the best rain jacket to buy for an Iceland trip?
Listen, we need to talk. Do you have a rain jacket for your next trip to Iceland? If you don’t have one, you need to buy this very important piece of clothing. A bulletproof rain jacket is paramount for Iceland’s ever-changing weather. It is easy to get bogged down in all the technical mumbo-jumbo when trying to purchase outerwear...
Family preparing for Iceland trip with kids
Iceland is a really cool place to take your kids. Their tiny eyes will light up when they see the immense power of the country’s waterfalls or the cool scenery in places like Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. And what’s better than taking your little ones whale watching? The gentle giants that roam the sub-arctic waters are unlike anything they’ve seen...
Campervan and motorhome rental in Iceland
Iceland is the perfect country to take a road trip through. There are plenty of camping sites and hidden gems that require you to travel off the beaten path. Motorhomes and campervans are the most popular options for traveling through Iceland's incredible backcountry. You could rent a car and stay in a hotel along the way, but where is...


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