Iceland is a really cool place to take your kids. Their tiny eyes will light up when they see the immense power of the country’s waterfalls or the cool scenery in places like Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. And what’s better than taking your little ones whale watching? The gentle giants that roam the sub-arctic waters are unlike anything they’ve seen at the local zoo on school field trips. There are tons of activities for families and children in Iceland, so let’s take a look at a few.

Father and daughter in Iceland

Learn about Elves

Elves are serious business in Iceland. According to a 1998 study, 54% of Icelanders believed in the possibility that elves existed. And as they say, when in Rome. Why not spend an afternoon in Reykjavik’s Elfschool learning all about these “huldufólk” or “hidden people” who play a significant role in Icelandic folklore? And it’s not just limited to elves. The 3-4 hour sessions also cover other mythical and magical creatures such as gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, trolls, and mountain spirits. Best of all, after getting certified (with a diploma and all), there’s an optional elf-spotting excursion.

Ride an Icelandic Pony

These small horses aren’t found anywhere else on the planet. Why not bring your kids to spend an afternoon bonding with animals and getting to know one of these special creatures? You can take your kids horseback riding or simply pet them the horses. And because the horses are so small (that’s why many people call them ponies rather than horses), they are much more manageable for children than full-sized animals. Come have an equestrian adventure in Iceland!

Icelandic horses are perfect for kids

Take Your Kids Whale Watching

Who doesn’t love whales? They’ll be there lurking beneath the surface and then suddenly they leap up to surprise you with a huge spray of water. A word to the wise: if your child has any sort of tendency towards motion sickness, it might be best to give them a child-sized dose of Dramamine 45-60 minutes before boarding the boat (and only to children 2 years and up). You wouldn’t want your amazing whale watching excursion ruined by a bout of seasickness.

Visit the Magic Museum: Iceland’s Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Magic has been a part of Iceland’s history in the 1,000+ years the country has been settled. While most museums leave something lacking in the fun department, at the sorcery and witchcraft museum you will find some interesting exhibitions that will bring out both your and your child’s inner magician. You’ll see some of the original runic entries as well as the history of Icelandic wizardry.

Magic wand at Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft

Visit of Iceland’s Many Spectacular Waterfalls

Last but not least, why not explore what Mother Nature has created in Iceland? The country’s waterfalls are legendary and your youngsters will appreciate the sheer force and size of some of the country’s most famous attractions. Maybe you’ll even see a rainbow in the water’s spray.

Iceland with Kids: Family Activities and Things to Do

Iceland is a unique place that you and your children are sure to love. With plenty of outdoor and nature-focused activities, it will definitely be a trip worth taking with your family. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime and will no doubt bond during your trip.

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