So you’ve finally decided to use a recreational vehicle (RV) to traverse Iceland’s amazing great outdoors. And you’ve probably already planned a wonderful itinerary where you can see breathtaking sites. Some examples of these could be visiting Glymur the highest waterfall in Iceland and stargazing at the Aurora Borealis.

RV dump stations in Iceland Northern Lights

RV Dump Stations in Iceland: How and Where

But now you have to figure out how to maintain your RV by learning how to properly navigate motorhome lavatory disposal. Go grab the keys to your motorhome and learn all about RV dump stations in Iceland. Become a pro by following these tips on how and where people can legally dump their black water holding tanks. Plus learn best practices for water conservation.

Motorhome Benefits

First, you’ve made a great decision to rent a motorhome and discover the wonders of Iceland. With a motorhome you have the freedom to create your own schedule. You can make impromptu stops to take photos and breathe in awe-inspiring views. Overall self-guided road trips have many benefits until you need to make a pit stop for food and facilities. In Iceland, the next gas station could be hours away.

This is when your motorhome will shine. You have access to your own amenities such as a kitchen, shower, refrigerator, toilet, and a comfy bed. It is the most luxurious and self-sufficient way to road trip all around Iceland. Moreover, a motorhome has more space than a campervan and bigger windows for viewing the Icelandic landscape. The size is also ideal for a group trip where you can split costs such as gas, rental fees, and insurance. The only drawback is identifying where and how you can dump your black water tank.

Free RV Dump Stations

From the moment you land in Reykjavík airport and pick up your motorhome you will see how expensive Iceland can be. From high gas prices to expensive food, your budget can get easily blown out of proportion. Therefore, finding free RV dump stations is a great way to save some money. You can find a list of approved dump stations and Iceland campsites from a handout made by Iceland’s Environment Agency. Some dump stations require a fee but free ones do exist.

There are several dump stations spread across Iceland so you can easily find an approved location. Please note it is illegal to dump your tanks in unapproved areas, which includes street drains. Iceland is known for its pristine and untouched appeal therefore everyone must behave responsibly to maintain the environment.

RV dump stations in Iceland protect nature

The most convenient type of dump station location is found at campsites. If there is space for recreational vehicles then there should also be RV dump facilities. The designated area will be clearly labeled and if not the campsite workers will help you.

Gas Stations With RV Dump

In addition to campsites, you can conveniently find RV dump facilities at a small number of gas stations. The two most common gas stations with RV dump facilities are called Olis and N1. Olis has five RV dump stations while N1 only has three RV dump locations. Some gas station services include WiFi, auto repair, bicycle repair, supply stores, car wash facilities, and food.

On the Olis website, select “portable toilet drain” to get the locations which are Norðlingaholt, Akureyri, Dalvík, Reyðarfjörður, and Selfoss. On the N1 website select, Dispose for Travel W.C. and you will get Staðarskáli, Akureyri, and Egilsstaðir.

For Olis stations, the Norðlingaholt location is very close to downtown Reykjavík and the airport. This would be a great stop to dump your tanks right before you return your motorhome.

How Do I Drain My RV Tank?

Now that you know where you can legally dump your water tanks, the question of the hour remains. How do I drain my RV tank? Before you drive off you should ask the rental company to demonstrate how to properly drain your specific RV tanks.

There are typically three tanks and each one contains either freshwater, grey water, or black water. The first tank holds freshwater and this is the water that will come out of the sink. Then the grey water tank holds the used shower and sink water. The most disturbing tank is the black water or septic tank. This is where your flushed toilet water ends up.

Generally the way it works, you must attach the sewer hose to the tank drain on your RV.

RV dump stations in Iceland how to with hose

Then attach the opposite end of the hose into the designated dump slot or hole. Secure each end tightly and use a pair of gloves in case of any spillage. Then pull the valve backward to release the contents of the tanks into the RV dumpsite. Drain the black water tank first and then the grey tank. It’s recommended to do this to help flush out the septic water with the sink water to prevent blockages.

When the sound of water rushing through the hose stops you know the tanks are empty. Then you can pull the valve forward and slowly remove the hose from your RV. Rinse the hose with some fresh water and then separate it from the dump slot. Finally, secure everything and you are done!

Water Conservation Tips

How often you have to dump your tanks will depend on many factors. For example, if you are in a big group you will naturally need to dump more versus a small group.

Use the local water by visiting public pools and taking advantage of campsite bathroom facilities. Depending on the campsite, you can even cook and do laundry. This will help you avoid using water unnecessarily in the motorhome. If you must use the motorhome shower, take quick ones to conserve water. Also, pay attention to what you flush into the black tank to avoid blockages.

Hopefully, you feel more capable of dumping your black water tank. Although temporarily unpleasant, this motorhome feature is a great perk when driving through the majestic Iceland terrain.

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