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South Iceland

South Iceland is the best mixing between nature and services. Here you can have both at hand. Its climate and type of roads make the camping and motorhome experience way much bearable. Even though we cannot forget we are still in Iceland, the climate conditions are milder compared to North Iceland. You will still have rain and wind but your trip will for sure be easier than in any other region.

South Iceland

Suðurland, as we call it in Icelandic, is the largest and densely populated region in Iceland. Home to amazing places such as Skógar, Vík, or Thingvellir National Park. You will have plenty of what to see and what do. At the same time, camping network is great! And services for vehicles such as campers and motorhomes. Do not hesitate, add South Iceland to your trip planning! Most of its nature wonders can be visited all year round.

The Silfra Fissure in Iceland's Thingvellir National Park
The Golden Circle, or sometimes known as the Golden Triangle, is a stunning sightseeing route that cuts through south Iceland. If it is your first time visiting our island nation, I would say it is a must-see. The route features some of the best that Iceland has to offer: tranquil waterfalls, one of our beloved national parks, powerful geysers,...
Volcanic black sand beaches near the seaside town of Vík
Located in southern Iceland, the sleepy fishing town has dominated social media for the past few years. This begs the question, “Why has a small fishing village with a population of around 300 drawn so much fanfare worldwide?” The answer can be summarized in two words: black sand. All of southern Iceland boasts monochromatic beaches, but two of the...
Grindavik Campsite
Are you arriving in Iceland late in the night but you want to sleep in your camper? According to new Icelandic legislation, you can't camp anywhere anymore and wild camping is not allowed. So what could you do? As you may be tired and willing to rest for the upcoming adventure. We have then prepared a detailed list of the...
Best Iceland Camping
We all know what a campsite is but when you ask people what they should look for in a campsite, not many of them can provide a certain answer. Being honest, it is not hard to know why as there is a huge variety of them. When trying to find the Best Iceland Campsites in 2018, we were trying...
The Ultimate List Of Open All Year Campsites in Iceland
Many people are very clear about the seasons: they either love winter or they love summer. But what about those who want to come to Iceland regardless of the season? Well, we've got good news for them! There are campsites in Iceland that are actually open throughout the year. We've created this ultimate list of campsites open all year...
Reykjavík Campsite
The majority of the people come to Iceland in Summertime, which is the high season. Milder temperatures and more daylight are some of the reasons why. Camping sites are usually open in Summer because of weather conditions. Roads are clearer and they are easier to reach. It is actually the best time of the year to visit. But belive...


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