We all know what a campsite is but when you ask people what they should look for in a campsite, not many of them can provide a certain answer. Being honest, it is not hard to know why as there is a huge variety of them. When trying to find the Best Iceland Campsites in 2018, we were trying to collect the most complete ones.

Best Iceland Camping

In spite of this variety, we can say there is a standard campsite. They usually have a reception area, arrival and departure times are regulated. They have a time of the day dedicated to break, lunch or eating times. And of course, the most important thing: the facilities.

Facilities are the main thing to take into account when looking for a campsite. Features are what turns a normal Iceland camping into the Best Iceland Camping. They will for sure make your stay way much more comfortable and relaxed. So if you are looking for a place where to feel at home when out of your own, stay. Here you have the best Iceland Campsites of 2018.

Grindavík Campsite:

Grindavík is fishing village in southern Iceland. Its most famous touristic attraction is the Blue Lagoon. Not only it has a beautiful surroundings and its close to such demanded place but its facilities are some of the top rated by its visitors.

Here any tent, trailer, motorhome or campervan can park. It has playgrounds for the little ones, Warm and hot water, internet connection and washing machines.  Waste disposal for motorhomes are also available.

Best Iceland Camping

Egilsstaðir Campsite:

Just like Grindavik’s campsite, in Egilsstaðir there is nature and amazing sights all around the camping.

As the camping site is by the mountains, it is naturally sheltered from the tough weather. Facilities makes this camping one of the Best Iceland camping. With electricity, showers, dish washing, washing machines and playground. WIFI is also an option for just 400 ISK and luggage storage.

Ásbyrgi Campsite:

It is a National park and canyon in the North of Iceland. Also known as the Shelter of the Gods. It is a large camping for any type of tent or vehicle. It has some great walking paths in case you also feel like doing some trekking.

If you are traveling with your pet, good news, this camping site allows dogs in! Among their facilities, there is golf course, playgrounds, internet, electricity and showers. It is also important to mention that the camping site is wheelchair accessible.

Thakgil campsite:

Among the best Iceland campsites of 2018, we could not leave this behind. The surroundings are breathtaking. It is located between the Mýrdalsjökull and Mýrdalssandur glacier. At about five kilometers east of Vík.

Cold water, Electricity, toilets, walking paths, waste disposal and just like Ásbyrgi, dogs allowed!

Best Iceland Camping

Skaftafell Campsite:

Skaftafell National Park is close to one of the pearls of Iceland’s nature: Vatnajökull Glacier. It is a beautiful mountainous region in the south of Iceland. There is a special area designated for motorhomes and campervans.

It is a very complete campsite with internet, electricity, restaurant, washing machine, shower and waste disposal area. The camping site is also wheelchair accessible and dogs are allowed as well. Also it opens all year long, isn’t that fantastic?

The Top 5 Best Iceland Campsites Of 2018

Now that you know the best Iceland campsites of 2018, check their websites and make your booking ahead of time! No one would like to miss the chances of staying there!

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