Camping is a very nice way to visit Iceland. Getting up in the morning, having beautiful views and breathing fresh air, will make you have a unique experience. Mostly all campsites are open from June to September. To know more of these tricks, keep on reading this Tent Camping In Iceland article.

Tent Camping In Iceland

So you know, It is illegal to spend the night out of the area using tents, camper vans  and caravans. The only exception is if the land owner gives you permission. There use to be no control so I personally agree with the new law. It definitely helps preserve the environment. Tent Camping In Iceland is therefore much more nature-friendly.

Tent camping is an adventure for all ages, specially for family with children. I am sure your kids will remember their holidays in Iceland for the rest of their lives, and they will also get to make new friends and learn about a new culture.

Many visitors look for a pure experiences taking advantage of the wild and magical landscape. Camping is not only for visitors from other countries. The national tradition is to stay at a campsite with friends every summer, so Icelanders also enjoy the nature this way.

Why tent camping?

Tent camping allows you to stay in different camping sites all over Iceland and to travel around the country. New landscapes and adventures at each spot.

It is also the cheapest option. It allows way more independence compared with a hotel stay. And also, it guarantees you a unique holiday experience. You get to meet new people at the campground, where guests relax, have fun, and cook.

Rent a vehicle

In order to travel around the country, you would need a vehicle. If one of the guest of your party is not happy with tent camping, opt for renting a campervan, where you can sleep inside.

Tent Camping In Iceland

Many companies offer different models and sizes of such vehicles.

If you are all happy to spend the night in a tent, rent a car. It is much cheaper and it will suit you well. Remember to keep in mind the number of baggage for the trunk space, everything should fit!

Car rental companies also offer a big fleet with different insurances available. Be sure to check their policies and prices.


One of the factors to keep in mind is the weather forecast. The weather is very unpredictable, so it would be very convenient to bookmark and not taking an eye off of it. Try traveling the opposite way the rainy clouds are and follow the sun.

What gear?

It is important to be well equipped. Be cautious by bringing the right clothing, and also making a list of the things you would appreaciate having.

Anyhow, I recommend you to rent the camping equipment in Iceland. This way you will avoid the airline fees for carry-on baggage. In Reykjavik you can find camping equipment rental stores that have these gadgets are your disposal.

The staff will surely help you out if you need further assistance. You can rent all type of items like sleeping bags, tents, blankets, pillows, stove, etc.

Tent Camping In Iceland

Tent Camping In Iceland – The Best Outdoor Guide


Once you are well equipped, the last but not least important step is buying some groceries.

If you rented a cooler, you would have more options, if not, I recommend you to buy individual packs of food. The cheapest supermarket is one called “Bonús”. Locate the different stores in the country.

Tent camping in Iceland is the funnest and most unique way of meeting this beautiful country. You will never forget your holidays in Iceland, just be well equipped and have fun!

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