If you are researching campgrounds in Iceland, it’s most likely because you are thinking about traveling around the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing going by motorhome, camper or car. You’ve likely heard stories about Iceland’s beauty and they are completely true. To help you get the most out of your camping trip, let’s look at the prettiest campgrounds in Iceland.

Prettiest Campgrounds In Iceland

I guess most of you have already done a little research about Iceland’s wild nature. We are a pretty young country in geological terms due to the land’s way of formation. Iceland is a volcanic Iceland, everything comes from the lava of our volcanos. This created such an amazing, unique and otherworldly beauty one should not miss.

Many campgrounds in Iceland are lucky enough to be located close to this nature wonders. And although this should not be a priority when choosing your camping, it is indeed a plus. Waking up to a breathtaking view will for sure recharge your batteries. Getting in contact with yourself within and the nature outside can take the stress away. Pretty much what all of us look for while enjoying our vacation.

May I remind you that this list if for the prettiest campgrounds in Iceland. It means the facilities mentioned are surrounded by amazing nature. It does not mean that it is the best camping according to prices / facilities. Without further delay, here you have our Prettiest campgrounds in Iceland:

Siglufjordur Camping Ground

As its name states, this camping is located by the Fjord’s slope. A fjord is not something you are able to see anywhere. This type of nature can only be found in some countries, most of them is the northern hemisphere.

Prettiest Campgrounds In Iceland

Even though it is close to buildings and not just by the nature itself, the views are great! You just get out of your tent and get to see a majestic mountain towering over the horizon.

Skógar Campsite

Skógar campsite is probably a favorite one. Not every day you can wake up by a beautiful waterfall! The views are just amazing. The green grass surrounding you all over and then the powerful water falling. Probably a great sound to sleep to.

The campground is close to the highway so the access is easy and simple.

Egilstaðir Camping Site

And back to the fjords! Not complaining at all as they provide such amazing landscapes. Could not be in any other way this time. Little wonder why it is included in our prettiest campgrounds in Iceland. You have green hills with towering snowed peaks on the horizon. This same vision reflecting on the water on the banks of the Lagarfljót river.

Prettiest Campgrounds In Iceland

Breidavik vid Latrabjarg

Látrabjarg is a cliff in the westernmost point of Iceland. Now you can already imagine the breathtaking nature. The Camping is quite well equipped and its location provides many options of outdoor activities.

The cliffs are home to many Icelandic puffins, it is actually the largest bird cliff in Europe. You will be able to sightsee up to one million birds.

Prettiest Campgrounds In Iceland

This is just a tiny sample of the prettiest campgrounds in Iceland. Many of them are also surrounded by picturesque landscapes. But I guess that is not difficult at all when your camping is set in Iceland. Isn’t it?

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