Camping may seem like a relaxed and laid back activity we love to enjoy while away from home. The truth is we should never take it for granted. Camping is nothing but creating a new temporal home while away from yours. And I am pretty sure that we love to have a comfortable, safe one, don’t we? In this article about camping in Iceland, we aim to provide as much information as possible. This way, you can make the most of your Icelandic experience.

Camping in Iceland

Where to camp?

If you would like to camp, it is a good idea to know where, right? Not long ago in Iceland, anyone could camp basically anywhere. Please be aware this is no longer so. Some areas require the permission of the landowner. In order to avoid trouble or avoid invading private areas, we highly recommend you to check official camping sites, parking areas and any kind of facility that provides accommodation services in the outdoor.

When to camp?

Iceland is not a freezing cold country as many may think. I mean, it is still quite cold, I am not going to lie…but not as much as it should be due to its location.

Does it mean it is not possible to camp during the winter time? No, you actually can. It is true that the availability of winter facilities for camping in Iceland are way reduced but you can still find many that open all year long.

On the other hand, the possibilities during spring and summer are way higher.

What do I need?

Equipment for camping in Iceland should be thought deeply. As we stated in the last paragraph, winter can be quite cold. The warmer season does have milder temperatures but it is still very windy and rainy.

Regardless of the season, most tents for camping in Iceland do have a heat or chill index. This would give you a hint to know if your tent suits the expected outdoor temperature.

Be sure that while camping in Iceland, you will experience the force of the wind. Tents should be well attached and have a strong structure. While the wind is blowing, keep the ventilation windows well closed.

Camping in Iceland

If camping over the ground, do not forget an isolating mat.  That will be a barrier between the cold, humid ground and you.

Sleeping bags also come with temperature range.  Wearing layer of clothing and sleeping masks will surely make the nights more comfortable

What Facilities Should I Look for?

It highly depends on the type of camping in Iceland. If you are heading to campsites in motorhomes, then probably these are the facilities you would need:

  • Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Washing Machine

If you are coming to the campsite by car, then:

  • Restaurants
  • Cold and hot water
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Internet
  • Washing Machine

Camping in Iceland

All You Need to Know About Camping in Iceland

Do I need to book?

It is highly advisable for camping in Iceland. During the winter season there are more vacancies but having your spot granted is reassuring.  In the summertime I would even say it is a must…this is the high season and there are more tourists. Campsites can get packed up so having your reserved place is a great idea.

Now that you know the basics for camping in Iceland, you are ready to make the best out of your holidays!

Happy camping : )

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