Are you arriving in Iceland late in the night but you want to sleep in your camper? According to new Icelandic legislation, you can’t camp anywhere anymore and wild camping is not allowed. So what could you do? As you may be tired and willing to rest for the upcoming adventure. We have then prepared a detailed list of the features of the closest campsite to the airport: The Grindavik Campsite!

Grindavik Campsite

Located only 25km far from Keflavik Airport, it is perfect for spending both the first and last night in Iceland. It is also conveniently located nearby the Blue Lagoon, in case you feel like taking a relaxing soak before returning your camper. It is only 7km!

Opened only few years ago, the Grindavik campsite offers a wide variety of facilities that will make your first stopover a pleasant experience.

Useful information:

  • Located at Austurvegur 26, 240 Grindavík.
  • Reception opens from 8.00h to 22.00, but if you are late, you can directly stay overnight and pay in the morning.
  • Opening dates: From March 1st to November 30th.
  • There is an Orkan automatic gas station only 300m far from the campsite, and a N1 Petrol Station only a bit further, at Hafnargata 28.
  • Nettó , a discount supermarket located only 800m far from the camping.

This comfortable campsite offers quite a wide range of services for all those inexperienced travellers at the beginning of their journey. Get used to camping along the way by getting started at the homely Grindavik campsite!

Grindavik Campsite

If you arrive later than 22.00, although the reception is closed, you could access the pitches either way. There is no fence so you can park your vehicle or set your tent to spend your first night! Notice that there are no delimitations for motorhomes, campers or tents; all can be spread over the pitches without restrictions.

Kitchen & dining room

The dining area will be closing by 10PM too due to safety reasons. In the morning at the kitchen, you will find all those leftovers people who were leaving did not know what to do with. You can take a unit of each item for free! Do not forget to do the same in case you have something left at the end of your trip.

Inside the kitchen building, there is dining room equipped with tables and chairs, a large worktop with stoves, microwaves and TVs. Right outside you will notice a picnic area where you can seat to have your meal if the weather allows it. Further on you will spot a barbecue grill conveniently roofed. If you feel like doing a BBQ, a drizzly day will not be able to stop you!

Toilet and washing facilities

There are a total of 6 cubicle hot and cold showers the Grindavik campsite facilities. Regarding the bathrooms, some are within the shower area, which closes at 22.00h, and some in a different set that remains open all night long. In case you need to take a shower as early as possible, there is a neighbouring pool open from 6AM onwards.

Wheelchair bath facilities are also available at this campsite. There is also a laundry area where you can wash and tumble dry your clothes for few coins!

Notice that waste disposal for motorhomes can be found at the Grindavik campsite. Do not forget to return it empty, otherwise your rental company will charge you for that!

Grindavik Campsite

Your First and Last Stop: Grindavik Campsite in Iceland

Leisure facilities & more

At this campsite the children will not get bored! There are two playgrounds where a spider web, swings and pillar buildings. The yard is paved with sand to prevent accidents.

Internet access is also available at the campsite for a fair price per day.

Useful: Price list

  • Price per adult/day: 1389 ISK
  • Children under 14 years old: free
  • Each 4 nights, get one for free
  • Camping Card accepted at this campsite
  • Electricity: 1020 ISK/say
  • Washing machine/tumble dryer: 510 ISK/use

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