For early risers, there’s nothing better than strolling the through the city, bright and early, with a nice cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast. Why not head to a bakery in downtown Reykjavik and enjoy the city’s quaint buildings and parks with an equally delicious baked good? Enter Sandholt Bakery and Eatery. While it’s not Reykjavik’s oldest bakery, (that distinction belongs to the Bernhoftsbakari, close to the Sun Voyager statue), this local Icelandic bakery has been producing some of the yummiest treats this side of Thingvellir for four generations. Visit one of the best bakeries in Reykjavik before you head off on a day trip into the countryside.

Good morning with pastry and coffee and Reykjavik's Sandholt Bakery

Sandholt Bakery Is A Family Affair

Sandholt Bakery and Eatery has been around the block. The artisan bakers have refined their craft through several generations. They share a passion for cooking and love of all things Icelandic. The family-run Reykjavik bakery prides itself in looking towards the future while still remembering their past. Dozens of family-made recipes have been refined over the years and modified to match current tastes and trends.  Baker Ásgeir Sandholt proudly stewards the family business and isn’t afraid to push the envelope. It is here that you can find tasty traditional Icelandic treats like kleinur, snúður, pekanhnetuvínarbrauð, along with more modern creations. Sandholt has even been experimenting with newer, more novelty-driven creations like ice cream and cinnamon buns. Icelandic food prices can get a bit high, and this is one of the cheaper places to eat when having breakfast in Reykjavik. And who doesn’t love kicking off their day with a warm, gooey cinnamon?

Innovation Is Born From Risk

Sandholt’s long history and tradition of excellence drive everything they do. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to experiment. The driving goal behind Sandholt is to blend the old with the new. Utilizing traditional methods to make the most exceptional baked goods is something that Sandholt will always do. Additionally, they are continually sourcing new grains and ingredients to give them a more modern flair.

Bakery counter at one of the best bakeries in Reykjavik

One aspect I adore about Sandholt is how they are constantly innovating their creations and their food offerings. Sandholt chefs and bakers are continually rolling out new and mouth-watering menu items to keep their regulars satisfied while luring in new customers. For many, a cup of piping hot coffee and a pastry is and always will be their morning ritual. Reykjavik bakeries like Sandholt and Braud & Co (another downtown baking institution) offer great options for breakfast. However, if you are looking for something to quell your appetite in the middle of the day, they also have something for that too. Stop in and check out the ever-rotating appetizer menu.

A Morning Meal As Fresh As It Gets

Iceland prides itself in being a nation where farm to table isn’t a catch phrase, but rather a way things have always been. We famously let our livestock graze freely, and unhindered, resulting in rich and delicious foods. Sandholt Bakery is no exception. Sandholt uses only fresh eggs and butter to make all of their products from scratch. There is no post-processed junk here, and you can taste it in their pastries and food. They also make all of their own jams and pastry fillings from scratch as well. If you have ever had kleiner from here, then you know what I mean. Tripadvisor users regularly rank Sandholt as consistently providing some of the best food Iceland has to offer.

Fresh ingredients for baking at a Reykjavik's Sandholt bakery

Breakfast in Reykjavik: Sandholt Bakery

Iceland has a long and proud tradition of exceptional baked goods. We borrow heavily from Scandinavian countries, which is normal. Iceland, as a nation and culture, has grown alongside Denmark, Norway, and Sweden for almost a millennium. However, while we borrowed recipes and methods from our neighbors, our pastries are uniquely ours. Whether you are a visitor or a citizen of Iceland, I would urge you to take a visit to one of our many bakeries. There are plenty just in the city of Reykjavik alone, however, for me, one of my all-time favorites is Sandholt. The quality of their food, coupled with their passion, and their family history has proved for almost 100 years that they are in a class of their own. So, if you find yourself up early in Reykjavik, take a stroll through the city and make your way to Sandholt. You won’t regret it.

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