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Hjónabandssæla is "marital bliss" cake, a traditional Icelandic dessert
Traditional Icelandic food is often hearty and comforting. This is undoubtedly the result of attempting to combat the vicious and harsh conditions our ancestors faced when they settled the island. Also, it should be noted, that they didn’t have very many ingredients at their disposal to work with. Fish, fermented shark, lamb stew, and cured meats are the staples...
Braud & Co bakery location at Hlemmur food hall in downtown Reykjavik
What could be better than going to a fantastic new restaurant during your camping trip in Reykjavik? What about trying foods from ten different food vendors? That's precisely what you'll find at downtown Reykjavik's Hlemmur Food Hall. Of course, if you're camping in Iceland, you're likely trying to save money. You're going to be cooking a lot of meals...
Delicious breakfast treats at the bakery counter
For early risers, there’s nothing better than strolling the through the city, bright and early, with a nice cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast. Why not head to a bakery in downtown Reykjavik and enjoy the city’s quaint buildings and parks with an equally delicious baked good? Enter Sandholt Bakery and Eatery. While it’s not Reykjavik’s oldest...
Icelandic Hot Dogs served on a table
Everybody knows what a hot dog is. It is such a popular and yummy food and at the same time a simple and cheap one. They are just a sausage in a bun with some toppings, but God, do we love them! Many countries, cities and regions have their own signature hot dog, so the flavor is never the...


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