Camping in Iceland is probably one of the cheapest and most affordable ways to discover this Nordic nation. It also provides a closer contact to nature, more flexibility and planning adapted to your own needs. Whether it’s in a tent, in a camper or using a motorhome, you need to be aware that camping is more than just finding a designated spot to spend the night. Living adventurously sometimes requires some planning as well. Today, we will focus on what food to make while camping in Iceland. If you want to save some bucks and not bust your budget, then check out our post.

Save money camping in Iceland by buying groceries and cooking

Iceland is all about nature. While doing some sightseeing, you will be relaxing and enjoying the environment, but you will also be burning some calories. Trekking in Landmannalaugar, hiking Skaftafell glacier and climbing waterfalls like Skógafoss are activities that will require a higher amount of effort. Therefore, keeping a balanced and healthy diet is also essential, even when you are on vacation. Now, how can we do that when our cooking facilities and utensils are limited? Well, mean planning and organization are some of the keys to get the best meals while camping.

Food for Camping in Iceland – Organization

We all want to be comfortable and find the best way to enjoy the experience of being in Iceland, which for many, is a once in a lifetime trip. Starving when it’s so cold outside, running out of provisions of not having the right tools to prepare a good meal will turn any camping expedition into a disaster. Thankfully, we can avoid this by being organized, keep these tips in mind:

How Many Provisions Do We Need?

We must figure out how much food we need. It may sound obvious, but many campers forget about getting the right amount of food. Being left out in the cold with no food in the middle of nowhere is not nice. Each person has their own dietary needs, and not all of us eat the same portions. But we must remember that we are camping, so this is not our home’s huge kitchen where you can prepare a whole banquet.

Planning a Menu

We all have been there. Sunday evening and laziness strikes. We don’t know what to eat, so we just grab whatever there is at hand. That’s ok when you’re at home being a couch potato and burning zero calories. But that’s not so great when you’re in Iceland doing activities all day long. You’ll need your strength just to keep up!

Planning a menu will help to ease your mind. It will allow you to enjoy camping in Iceland and its landscapes. The only thing you need to do is to cook!

Man cooking over gas camping pot in Iceland

Meals while Camping in Iceland – Choosing the Right Foods

As we mentioned before, cooking at home is not the same as cooking when camping in Iceland. But that does not mean we cannot have some high-quality, healthy food. We need to keep it simple yet nutritious and adapt to the weather conditions we will experience.

Icelandic weather tends to be chilly, windy, and rainy. If we mix that with non-stop activities, you’ll definitely end up ravenous with hunger. Having eyes bigger than your stomach and eating larger portions will not help at all. It’s not about volume but about food that will make you feel full and satisfied longer. What you eat determines how full you will feel, and that is because each type of food affects our body differently.  

The reason behind how satisfying food lies in chemistry. Depending on the product composition, our body needs more time to digest it.  You will then feel fuller longer! And you can easily achieve that with healthy and simple food. Here you have some cheap, easy to cook foods that will keep hunger at bay when camping.

Best Camping Foods in Iceland: Porridge

Oatmeal has always been a very popular breakfast option. And it’s also a wonderful one for camping. It’s so easy to prepare; you can eat a healthy size portion and still feel full longer. Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber, so instead of buying boxes of cereal on your trip, get some oatmeal! A nice hot bowl porridge will warm up your winter mornings in Iceland for sure. And it takes only a couple of minutes to prepare! What a combo!

Fish time!

Fish? In Iceland? Yes! Did you know that fish is full of high-quality protein? Fish protein has a powerful effect on satiety. You can also prepare it in many simple ways such as boiled in a soup or heated up on a grill.

Camping Easy Food: Soups

Now that I mentioned fish soup, let’s talk about this liquid ambrosia. Most of us usually think that solid food will make us feel fuller. Actually, soup is a simple option that has the same effect. And who doesn’t love hot soup on a cold winter’s day?


Beans, peas, chickpeas, whatever comes to your mind. Legumes are so high in fiber that they will fill your stomach up in no time. You can buy canned legumes when camping in Iceland, and it will for sure make your cooking work much simpler.

Best Camping Foods in Iceland: Meat

Right after fish, lean meat is very filling. That’s great because it can be the perfect accompaniment for your lunch or dinner. And it can be prepared in the blink of an eye!

Fruits and Nuts

We all love snacks. Of course, you should definitely visit an Icelandic café and try some baked treats. You can also save some bucks by preparing your own snacks. Fruits and nuts are very filling and quite healthy. You don’t even need to cook them, just grab a handful!

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables while camping in Iceland

Food for Camping in Iceland – Things to keep in mind

Food Temperature

It’s important to distinguish between the products that need refrigeration from those that do not. You need to adapt this to the type of camping you will be doing. If you happen to rent a camper or a motorhome, they usually come with small fridges. Now, you may need to ask your rental company if they actually refrigerate (in other words, lower the temperature). Some work kind of like a minibar and they only maintain the temperature. If you need ice, then food may only last for one day. Adapting your meal plan to products whose conservation does not depend on the temperature is the best decision you can make. It will be easier to avoid digestive problems caused by eating food that has not been properly refrigerated.

Where to Buy Food for Your Iceland Camping Trip

Stocking up your car, camper or motorhome as if they were a WWII bunker simply isn’t going to work. If you are in a compact vehicle, sleeping on cans of beans and feeling cramped might not be the wisest option. In Iceland, there are several cities and villages where low-cost supermarkets are available. Among them are Bónus, Kronnan, and Nettó.

Buy your supplies for a couple of days. Then, plan your next stop to re-stock. That will avoid having loads of leftover food and unused products. It will save space as well as money.

Cooking Utensils For Camping in Iceland

Campers and motorhomes usually come with gas hobs or camping grills. Kitchenware is usually provided by the rental company as well. In case you opt for tent camping, then make sure you have what you need to cook some basic meals.

If you are cooking in the wild, just know that gas canisters or cans are available at most gas stations in Iceland in case you need a refill. Also, know that many campsites have kitchen facilities, so choosing those campsites can be a good option too.

Best Food to Make During Your Iceland Camping Trip

The health benefits of having a rich diet in fruits, vegetables, and other important food groups help us to feel stronger, less tired and ready to deal with any kind of adventure. If you want to experience Iceland at its best, you’ll need to feed yourself properly! Boost your energy naturally, and Iceland will be waiting for you! Camping and making your own food is a great way to save money. Enjoy your trip!


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