March is somewhat an in-between Month. Stuck right in the middle of wintery weather and more daylight and rising temperatures. March is also one of the least busy months in our country, which actually can be a huge advantage for Camping in Iceland in March.

Camping in Iceland in March

If you are thinking about coming to Iceland in the mentioned period, then you are in the right place. Most people get demotivated but it is probably because they have not seen the bright side and great options that Camping in Iceland in March offer.

As you may already know by now, if you did a bit of research previously, Iceland is not a cheap country whatsoever. The standard cost of living is high by default but as in many sectors, the higher the demand, the more expensive the service is. Iceland can be quite busy during the summer time. The island is not huge, yet the tourism and hospitality sector is not enough to cover the growing demand. This basically means price skyrocket during the peak season, and it is not like they were any cheap before! So if you are looking to enjoy Iceland at fullest at a lower cost, then March is the month to go.

If your budget is not a problem, then let us head into the next advantage of camping in Iceland in March. We are still in winter but the average temperature is a bit higher compared to the coldest months of the year. With temperatures around 4°C and even reaching 7- 8°C, the weather can actually be bearable.

Camping in Iceland in March

On the other hand, while camping in Iceland in March you will notice that by this time of the year, we have more daylight in Iceland. With approximately 11 hours of daylight, you can fully enjoy your day but still have a pitch dark night. And those kind of nights automatically translate into higher chances of watching the Northern Lights!

Most sightseeing places and landmark areas around the Ring Road are available to be visit. However, most areas in the highlands are not yet open to the public. F-Roads opening times usually start by mid-April on.

Now that you have all the advantages of Camping in March, let’s check the next step. It is time to be aware of the equipment you would need to bring. In case of tent camping, an isolating mat is still a must. This way you can avoid the humidity from the floor. Set your tent in an area where wind currents can be avoided, if the wind gusts are strong, your tent will be Gone with the Wind!

Camping in Iceland in March

Camping in Iceland in March – Less Crowded, More Fun!

Clothing should also fit the weather conditions we mentioned above. Windcheater and waterproof coats are also a must for traveling to Iceland regardless of the month.

Now you are good to go! Enjoy Iceland in March as much as you can!

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