Camping is a cheap activity itself and it offers such great opportunities to get to know Iceland. But if we stop and think, it is clear that Iceland is not exactly and affordable country. This, regardless of the method of traveling we choose, can be somehow avoided with the right tricks. Welcome to camping Iceland on a budget!

Iceland on a Budget

Well, the first trick and step is pretty much already taken. Choosing to camp in Iceland will indeed lower the cost of your trip. Forget about expensive hotel rooms, Ticket for tours, meals at fancy and not so fancy restaurants (not cheap in Iceland either) and many other costs derived from traveling around a different country.

Camping Iceland on a budget does not mean we will not be able to enjoy certain things while abroad. It just means we will do some tricks to save some bucks that can then be invested on what we really love! Let’s get started:

Camping Costs

Whether you decide to camp in Iceland using a tent, a campervan or a motorhome the law must be kept. Camping anywhere is no longer authorized, therefore you need to look for a designated are for such activity.

You should not worry about it as there are plenty of campsites all around Iceland. The thing is, this article is focused on camping Iceland on a budget. So, in this case, we would recommend you to look for the cheapest ones or even the free ones. Yes, free.

There are not many free campsites out there, but some are indeed. The facilities and services are a bit more limited, of course. But you can check them out and see if they suit your needs.

Iceland on a Budget

Food and Supplies

Iceland is an island whose agricultural production is limited. It is self-sufficient in some products, but other such as cereals must be imported. If we add the fact that the cost of living is already high, we get an expensive shopping basket as a result. This is why knowing exactly where to buy and comparing does make a huge difference.

If you are Camping Iceland on a Budget, then head to low cost supermarkets: Bónus, Krónan or Nettó. They have a good selection of food at a budget price. Some of these supermarkets are not huge but you will surely get what you need there. Not every brand is available all around Iceland, so be sure to pack up what you need before starting your trip. Mark their stores locations around Iceland so you know exactly when to make your next stop for stocking up.

Gasoline or Diesel

If you will be using a motorhome of a campervan, then price of gas is decisive in the final budget. Just like any other city, the price of gas is not the same in every station. We highly recommend you to compare gas or diesel prices in every city and pin point those where the price is tighter.

Iceland on a Budget

Camping Iceland on a Budget – Save Some Bucks!

Many stations also offer gas discount cards, if you use it when fueling up, you will save some bucks.

If you follow these tricks, I bet that there will be an important difference if your final estimate. Get your calculator and start saving right now!

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