Packing for your Iceland camping trip? Here I will give you some great idea about Iceland Travel Accesories and gadgets you might not have thought about and that will make your trip much easier and comfortable. Let’s start!

First comes first, so let’s start talking about the luggage:

Luggage tags are a really cheap item, probably the cheapest on this list. You don’t need the poshest and newest tag, but something to quickly identify your luggage and also that helps however finds it to contact you.

Iceland Travel accesories

Not many people know about this Iceland Travel Accesories: a footrest for planes! but this is one of the greatest new inventions in my opinion. It holds your feet and legs while on the airplane and it is incredibly easy to use. If traveling from America, you already know what a transoceanic flight is, but even for European travellers, 6€ are much worthy!

Now it is time to talk about your luggage. I’m sure you have thought about some of these items, but check the whole list as I include really small and cheap staff that can really make the difference:

Packing cubes and shoes bag are a great invent to keep your luggage nice and tidy, even when you have been traveling for a week. Try to organise your clothes by day and pack them together, so you do not have to look in the entire suitcase to find your socks or t-shirt!

Include a quick dry towel asone of your Iceland Travel Accesories on your luggage. No matter if your accommodation includes it. Just leave it on your rental car, as it can be really useful during your trip. You can not only use as a towel, but also as a light blanket, a sheet or pillow cover.

Iceland Travel Accesories

A compact pillow is a good idea as well, mostly for light sleepers. When traveling in a campervan or motorhome usually pillows are not inclusive and even in hotels or hostels, you might find you cannot sleep with the one provided. Also, you will appreciate it during your flight, as well as a travel blanket.

Once in Iceland, there is a list of accessories that are really recommendable:

An eye mask is even “mandatory” if you travel during summer, as the night time can last no more than 4 or 5 hours.

Iceland is a safe country, but as tourism has increased, we also started to hear about some cases of theft. Therefore a money belt is a great solution if you need to leave your staff unattended but want to keep the most valuable with you.

Technology is part of our lives, so it will be present as well during our holidays. Download a Travel planning App to gather all your bookings and plans, so you not miss anything and avoid misunderstandings that can ruin your trip. A power adapter is a must as well if not coming from Europe, but also a phone car charger – that you can also use to charge small devices apart from your phone. I always bring a power bank and a multi USB charger, so it gives you peace of mind, in case you need to recharge batteries but have nowhere to do it.

Get a headphone jack splitter for a couple of Euros and you will save battery from one of your phones or iPods while on the plane or at night.

For people staying in campsites but also for hotel travellers, a multitool is a must in Iceland. It does not take up room and can save a meal!

Iceland Travel Accesories

Genius Iceland Travel Accesories You Have Not Thought Of

If you are planning to go to glaciers, lagoons or hot springs (who would not Iceland?) bring a self-sealing dry bag with you. This way you can have your valuable staff next to you at all times.

And last but not least, a first aid kit is basic for every trip, do not forget to include any special medication you might need and well as a hand sanitizer gel.

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