Traveling with a motorhome and campervan Iceland is a growing, independent form of travel around the world as well as in Iceland. More and more people are choosing their first vacation by renting a motorhome or a camper. When you choose this type of travelling, you also need to go through the preparation stage. You need to be aware in advance what you can expect and should be prepared for. Like that your adventure will be comfortable, safe and will make you repeat it in the future. What you should than remember about? Have a look at our Motorhome And Campervan Iceland Tips For Beginners.

Motorhome And Campervan Iceland Tips For Beginners

  1. Renting Motorhome and Campervan

Renting a vehicle for your holidays is the best option. In Iceland you can easily find many motorhome and camper rental companies. We do recommend to have a closer look at the offer. Many local rentals have attractive offers online. You need to remember about booking the vehicle in advance due to the availability. Although many companies offer their services in this sector, the interest is high and the models get sold out very quickly. You should check the year of the models offered and the equipment. The best are obviously the youngest models however all the vehicles are very well maintained here with current overview.

  1. Choosing the dates

Planning your trip in advance is extremely important. First of all you should choose the best time when you will travel. Personally I would recommend you travel just before or after the season. Prices for the rentals are lower and the weather and roads conditions are much better and safer.

  1. Planning the itinerary

Motorhome And Campervan Iceland Tips For Beginners

Planning your route might be quite difficult. We do recommend you to take short distances at first as a beginner. You should check the roads beforehand in order to check if the vehicle you rent is suitable for them. Booking campsites in Iceland in advance is not necessary but you should check it out to plan your stops. Remember, you should have a good rest before driving next day!

  1. Checking the equipment

Most of the motorhome and campervan Iceland rental companies offer a full list of equipment. All the necessary and basic equipment is usually included in the price. Here I mean kitchen utensils, gas stove and basic chemicals. However, you should check the list carefully to make sure the linen is included or not also the gas bottle which is important to start your trip. There might thus some extra cost for that. As we know how limited is the baggage in airlines, we recommend you to include this extra cost in your budget and rent it here in Iceland.

  1. Be aware of regulations and fees on the roads

You should read and acknowledge the road traffic regulations before coming to Iceland to avoid any surprises. Thanks to this you will avoid any dangerous situations on the roads. Especially in Iceland where it looks a bit different than in the rest of Europe. You should be aware of the speed regulations to avoid any fines which can be quite expensive.

Motorhome And Campervan Iceland Tips For Beginners

Motorhome And Campervan Iceland Tips For Beginners

That would be the most important things you should think about when planning your trip in motorhome and campervan.

Thanks to our list of motorhome and campervan tips for beginners you will definitely come well prepared and the trip will be nothing but a pleasure and relax!

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