The time you yearned for it finally here, it is camping time! Everyone that loves to go camping are looking for an easy life. No phones, no stress, no hassle. Just you, your loved ones and the nature. Enjoying tent camping and what the outdoors have to offer for a fun and adventurous experience. But as fun as it can be, we still need to be well aware that certain accidents can happen. We can easily resolve the situation as if we were at home, with the right tools and material. Here are our essential first aid for camping in Iceland.

First Aid For Camping In Iceland

We totally understand that bringing a whole pack as if you were a member of the Red cross is not possible. But that does not mean you cannot prepare some basic stuff for unexpected situation that may arise. While being out an about, hiking, having long walks you can have tiny cuts, blisters, clothes can be ripped and so on. Would it not be good if you can have a way to fix it right away instead of not knowing what do to? This is why a First Aid for Camping in Iceland is important.

If you are camping using a motorhome or a campervan, you might be lucky enough to have a first aid essentials for camping in Iceland kit in the trunk of your vehicle. Be sure to check this with your rental company. Anyway, some of this kits are aimed just for wounds but would not have tools for outdoor survival. So checking its content and adding whatever tool you need is also advisable.

First aid kit:

  • Bandages: various sizes bandages. And as Iceland is wet and humid, some waterproof bandages are recommended.
  • Gauze or elastic roll bandage for wounds or compression.
  • Ointments: if coming to hike, and do long trekking then it is a must in your First Aid essentials for Camping in Iceland. Be sure to have ointments for skin problems such as itches and rashes.

First Aid For Camping In Iceland

  • Pain reliever: after a long day exercising or driving, you can get headaches, a sprained ankle, an unexpected fall onto the ground (god forbids!) Having aspirins or ibuprofen is therefore a good idea.
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Survival kit tools:

  • Sewing kit: we all been there before. Your pants decide to tear apart at the least expected moment. Having some needles and thread is part of the first Aid for Camping in Iceland. Same applies for safety pins.
  • Flashlights: Your motorhome run out of battery? Need to look for help out there? Then keep one at hand.
  • Strong tape: it can be so useful in so many ways!
  • Whistle: they are so cheap and out in the wilderness, they can be heard 10 times further than you just screaming your lungs out.
  • Jackknife: to cut or open stuff in the wilderness.
  • Mosquito repe…nah you do not need this one as Iceland is mosquito free! Yeah!

First Aid For Camping In Iceland

First Aid For Camping In Iceland – The Essentials

Keep in mind that the more prepared you are, the better and smoother your experience will be. We do hope you do not have to use any of the items mentions before. But it is better to be prepared than sorry. Get the essential First Aid for Camping in Iceland on the top of your priority list. And once you’ve got safety taken care of, be sure to check out list of the best foods and camping recipes while you’re in Iceland!

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