With the Ring Road encircling the entire island, the Land of Fire and Ice is a place that was made for road trips. More and more people are becoming aware of this fact and the surge in Iceland camper rental is a testament to this fact. But when renting a camper in Iceland, not all campers are created the same. When booking your vehicle you need to decide whether or not 4×4 camper rental in Iceland is right for you.

4x4 camper rental in Iceland could be your best option

Why Iceland Camper Rental is a Great Choice

So why the popularity of camper rentals specifically, and not car rentals? The answer is that camper rental is probably the most inexpensive way see everything our beautiful Nordic island has to offer. While it’s true that campers are not quite as fuel-efficient as some smaller cars, what they lack in this area they make up for in others. The cost of gas isn’t the only factor to take into account when planning your budget. RV rental in Iceland is the way to go if you’re looking to save money overall. 

When you rent a camper on your road trip, you’ll save money in two different ways. The first is on accommodation. The daily cost of a campervan in Iceland is much less expensive than the total of renting a car and staying at hotels.

Second, you can also stick to your budget by cooking your own meals. Iceland is a country where sandwiches can easily cost $15 and soup and salad at a restaurant starts around $20. Preparing your own breakfast, lunch, or dinner in your camper rental kitchenette can save you a pretty penny.

You don’t even necessarily have to look at cheap campers. There are deals on all models, especially during the off-season. And if you don’t want to rely on the showers at campsites, then perhaps motorhome rental in Iceland could be a better choice for you.

4x4 camper rental in Iceland couple enjoying breakfast

Campervan rental in Iceland also provides you with a ton of freedom and flexibility with your itinerary. Because you don’t need to make a reservation at campsites, you’re not bound to pre-booked arrangements. This is especially useful during the times of summer and the Midnight Sun when we have daylight for nearly 24 hours. You just set out in the morning, explore to your heart’s content with no concern for schedule, and then when you’re ready to rest, simply pull into the nearest campsite. You should, however, be aware of fatigue and not drive for too many hours or return extremely late.

Camper Van Rental in Iceland: 4×4 or 2WD?

So now that you know all of the benefits and advantages of Iceland campervan rental, what are the different categories of campers? When browsing the different models on Iceland camper rental company websites, you’ll see that some offer a Mercedes camper van rental like the Marco Polo 4×4. A 4-wheel drive camper van is an option because of F-Roads in the Icelandic Highlands.

These special mountain roads are only open in the summer and can be quite difficult to drive on due to their gravel surface. A 4WD vehicle is mandated by law for driving on this type of road. You’ll need to rent either a 4×4 camper or SUV to enter these roads in Iceland’s interior. There are plenty of stunning landscapes and hidden gems in our island’s wild backcountry.  If you want to experience them, make sure you have the right type of vehicle.

An Iceland 4×4 camper van rental can also help you feel safer when you encounter winter driving. The sometimes precarious road conditions and weather conditions are much easier to maneuver with a 4-wheel drive.

4×4 Camper Van Rental in Iceland

There are several models to choose from if you think that 4×4 camper van rental in Iceland might be the right option for your trip. The aforementioned Mercedes Marco Polo 4×4 is a modern choice that comes with all the latest features. Another extremely popular Iceland 4×4 rental camper is the VW California. This updated classic was specially designed as a camper van and will have flower children feeling nostalgia from its the van’s heyday in the 1960s. If you’ve got a larger party, the VW Crafter 4×4 fits up to five passengers and can still take you around the Highlands.

4x4 camper rental in Iceland to see the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Hunt by Camper

If you opt for a camper van rental in Iceland between late September and the end of March, you’re in for a special treat. Because you’ll be traveling here during Northern Lights season, it’s quite easy to go on a Northern Lights tour to hunt for the Aurora Borealis. Be sure to set out on a clear night and get as far away from civilization as possible. The less light pollution you encounter, the better your views of the auroras will be. Once you’ve found the perfect spot and aurora activity is high, make yourself comfortable. Convert the bed in the back of your camper, lay down, and enjoy the spectacular light show in the sky. Turn on your camper’s Webasto heater to stay extra warm and toasty in your sleeping bag.

Do I Need a 4×4 Camper Rental in Iceland?

Camper rental is hands-down the best way to experience Iceland. This is true whether it’s your first time visiting this naturally blessed island or your tenth. Camping in Iceland is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the natural beauty our lovely island is so famous for.

Remember that you’ll need to bring your credit card and provide it as a guarantee for your rental. Otherwise, you’ll need to make alternate arrangements. Also check the pick up and drop off location for your camper. Some companies have offices at the airport while others are in the city center.

We’ve written a post about the best 4×4 camper rental Iceland companies, So please feel free to take a look. And once you’ve booked your vehicle, take a look at around our blog. It’s a great source to start planning for your trip of a lifetime.

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