July is quickly coming to close, and with it (unfortunately) summer as well. We are welcoming the last month of summer with a smile, and looking forward to soaking up the remaining rays and good weather. August is the coolest of the summer months, and as such, you should be prepared. If you are a first time visitor to Iceland, it is essential to understand our weather, so you pack appropriately. Here is a look at the weather during August in Iceland.

landscape blooming due to Iceland Weather in August

Iceland Weather in August – Average Temperature 

The average high temperature during August hovers right around 13 degrees Celsius (55-ish degrees Fahrenheit). This is quite low for other places in the world, but for us, it is just right! It is cool enough not to be cold, yet warm enough to not be sweating or too hot. The average low temperature in Iceland during August is right around 8 degrees Celsius (High 40s in Fahrenheit). July is usually the warmest month of the year, so expect some of that to carry over into August.

Iceland Weather in August – What to Pack 

August may be one of the warmer months of the year in Iceland, but it also rains a lot during the late summer months. The name of the game when it comes to packing is layers and rain jackets. Layers allow you to build a solid foundation of clothes that will keep you warm but also will enable you to shed any layers to suit your needs. And it goes without saying that a reliable, well-built, rain jacket will pay huge dividends when coming to Iceland. You are going to want to invest in a rain jacket that you know will keep you dry and cool during these summer months.

Also, a good sweater will come in handy for our brisk summer nights. Layering will help, but sometimes a big comfy sweater works best. If you don’t have one, it is an excellent opportunity to buy one from Iceland. That way you will have a keepsake to remember your tremendous Icelandic adventure!

Nice Iceland Weather in August and a man enjoying the viws from a cliff

Iceland Weather in August -Other Weather Considerations 

Visitors will tend to forget that here in Iceland we receive almost more daylight than anywhere else in the world. Through the beginning of August, the average sunlight will be available for about 17 hours a day. This is already a staggering amount of UV and vitamin D, so remember that you need to protect your skin during your visit (or if you live here, people often forget) to Iceland. Try to purchase either sunscreen or lotion that has SPF protection built in.

The most interesting aspect of our sunlight during August is how rapidly is dissipates through the month. 17 hours of daylight are available at the beginning of the month, but by the end of August, we experience a much more normal 14 hours of daylight. While those 14 hours are closer to the global average, it still is exceptionally challenging for first-time visitors to get some shut-eye with all that light bouncing around their rooms.  So, if you are a first-time traveler to Iceland, remember to pack a sleeping mask. Otherwise, you will struggle to sleep. And no one likes a sleep-deprived tourist.

Iceland Weather in August

So, to recap: weather during August is warm for us Icelanders, but brisk for our wonderful tourists. Remember to pack layers and research which part of the country you will be visiting. If you are going to an area that is likely to incur substantial amounts of rainfall don’t pack jeans. When denim gets wet, it can be a nightmare to get dry again, and we don’t want you to be soggy during your summer holiday to Iceland.

Iceland Weather in August allows most waterfalls to be unfrozen

Iceland Weather in August – What to Expect from Summer

Also remember that our nights can be chilly so pack either extra layers, or a sweater. And, most importantly, buy and bring a sleeping mask to block out the light at night. Sleep is crucial when traveling and a sleeping mask will allow you to wake up relaxed and ready for all the adventures Iceland has in store for you!

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