We all can agree that camping is such a great activity for so many reasons. And even though every month in Iceland has its own charm, the whole situation varies depending on the season. So you are aware of what to expect during the summer time here you have our camping in Iceland in August article.

Camping in Iceland in August

As we stated before, camping offers many advantages. It provides travelers a much more flexible schedule. All of this with a much cheaper price! But probably the one reason we love the most is how it allows us to stay in contact with nature. And this why Camping in Iceland in August is a great opportunity.

Temperatures in August

August, along with July, are the warmest months in Iceland. The average temperature is around 10-15°c but some days the temperature can be higher! These mild temperatures are perfect for Camping in Iceland in August.

Although you can be prepared for the nicest sunny days, also be prepared for bad weather. Icelandic climate is quite changeable; from one minute to the other a sunny day can turn grey. Wind is an Icelandic thing as well, so bring your windbreaker and waterproof jacket!


Camping in Iceland in August is quite common due to its favorable weather. This can also be a disadvantage as most tourists and visitors choose this month to come to Iceland. It means that the August is within the highest season and everything is way more packed up.

Camping in Iceland in August

Luckily, most campsites are open in August but we still recommend you to book in advance. Some campgrounds do not take reservations so be sure to check their capacity as your traveling date is closer. Also, having a plan B in mind would not hurt.


This does not really differ from other warm months. If you are traveling with a motorhome or a camper, you just need to be aware of bed linen (if not included in your rental). If you will be sleeping in a tent, then be sure it has a nice ventilation.

It is important to check for a good spot as Iceland is still windy in August (well pretty much all throughout the year) so fix your tent tightly onto the ground. Keep it away from windy areas or currents. No one likes to see their sleeping place flying away…do they?

Camping in Iceland in August

Getting Warmed Up For a Camping in Iceland in August

Last but not least, do not forget to bring a sleeping mask. In August, we have the Midnight Sun phenomena. This means the sun will not set and there will be light even if it is 00:00 o’ clock. An eye mask or sleeping mask are a great option to keep you sleeping pattern. This way, your body will know it is time to go to bed and will not be fool by the daylight. Resting well is also a crucial part of the trip itself!

With these basic tips, you should be more than ready for an awesome camping in Iceland in August experience!

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