The Highlands, the roughest and toughest region in Iceland. And at the same time, one of the most beautiful lands you will ever encounter. Do not get carried away by the excitement of visiting this place. If planning is important for any trip, it is way more important for the Highlands. Learn why in this Iceland Highlands Camping – A Wild Adventure article!

Iceland Highlands Camping

The highlands of Iceland are a region located in the interior of the country. They cover the major part of the country and many natural wonders can be found here. This is a remote and vast place, so access to many of these landscapes is not as easy as you may think it is:


Most access to the highlands are through F-Roads. They are basically non-paved mountain roads. As the weather conditions here are as rough as the terrain itself, you must have a 4×4 to drive on these roads.

Be sure to check the opening times, as they are not accessible all throughout the year. The snow, freezing temperatures and not safe road conditions make it impossible to use such roads. Keep this in mind when planning your Iceland highlands camping adventure. You will only be able to do so mostly during July and August.


The offer of hospitality in this area is not huge nor widely available. We highly recommend you to book in advance. This way you can avoid unavailability and also you will have a clearer route defined.

Iceland Highlands Camping

When it comes to Iceland Highlands Camping, there are about 9 campsites available to travelers and adventurers. Their opening times is usually restricted to the milder season. As we stated before, access to these areas is complicated so tourist and supply flow is scarce. You can find campsites at important areas such as: Snaefell, Thorsmork, Landmannahellir…etc

Wild camping in this area is not really recommended. There are many National Parks around here and tent camping is generally not allowed. The terrain also tends to be uneven and rocky, which will for sure make your sleeping time more complicated. Campsites will then offer a nice prepared area for a full comfy night of rest.


Iceland Highlands Camping is an adventure where nature is the main attraction. This is a remote area so forget about commercial areas, shops and services at your disposal. Even gas stations are scant. If traveling to the highlands on your own, have your stops prepared and know exactly where the gas stations are located. And of course, head there with your tank full.

There will be long walks, so adequate attire is a must. Even if it is summertime, do have a windbreaker and waterproof clothing with you. Shoes must be comfortable to walk with and suitable for this kind of terrain.

Iceland Highlands Camping

Iceland Highlands Camping – A Wild Adventure

Our last recommendation is to check the 112 Iceland app. It will provide extra safety to you trip. In case of getting lost or an emergency, it will immediately send an SMS with your location, even if your phone shows no signal.

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