Nowadays camping in Iceland is possible all throughout the year, even in the toughest months. But that does not mean that it is an easy pie if not proper preparation is done. Some people tend to believe this is just needed for the roughest seasons. The truth is that if you are Camping in Iceland in July, some planning beforehand is also important.

Camping in Iceland in July

The fact that Iceland is not a Caribbean country does not mean we are permanently under freezing temperatures. Iceland is under the influence of the Gulf stream that brings warm waters close by. This means the temperatures in the south coast of Iceland are not as cold as it should be due to its northern location. So believe it or not, we do have a summertime, relatively mild and warm temperatures during the season. These circumstances should be taken into account when camping in Iceland in July so all the equipment fits the conditions.


In July the average temperatures are 9°C to 14°C and sometimes it can even reach 20°C. Even though these temperatures are quite nice and mild, wind is a constant in Iceland. Keep this in mind when camping in Iceland in July.

Tents come adapted for different ranges of temperature and some others are for all seasons. If you would like to have a specific one, you would need a tent for the warm season. (15° to 30°C). When the degree bar rise, remember to have good ventilation so the humidity does not soak the interior of your tent.

As we mentioned before, even during the summertime Iceland is quite humid, rainy and windy. Make sure your tent is well secured to the ground, that ventilation can be closed if needed when the wind roars.

Camping in Iceland in July

To keep the humidity of the floor or ground away from your sleeping area, bring a floor mat as a barrier.

Camping sites

You will not have any problem to find open camping sites during this time of the year. Bear in mind that summer is also high season and Iceland. Therefore, we recommend you to check availability and book in advance.  They can sometimes be fully booked as many people are traveling to the country.


This tip does not rely on the time of the year you are coming to Iceland. When camping, it is always recommended to know where to get your snacks, food or refreshments.

Some areas and campsites are in remote areas. Some offer a tiny range of grocery products but many others do not. Prices might also skyrocket if you get those snacks there. We then recommend you to get your supplies at supermarkets like Bónus initially in Reykjavik. Then, mark those supermarkets along your route so you can save time and also money!

Camping in Iceland in July

Camping in Iceland in July


Even though it is summer, forget about shorts and crop tops. Wind and rain will still be your companion during your camping in Iceland in July. Bring a good waterproof jacket and windbreakers. And scarf or neck warmer is also a good idea to protect your face from the chill wind.

Now you got some tips for camping in Iceland in July.  The last one is to make the most out of your Icelandic experience!


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      Not every campsite requires a reservation, so I recommend you to check the website of the one you are interested in to find out if booking is needed or not. Those that do require reservations usually let you book through e-mail, through their own website or calling their customer service.

      This applies to both tent camping and campervan camping.


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