Many travellers in Iceland chose to rent a car, a camper or a motorhome, as it makes their route more flexible. After renting the vehicle, the big decision comes when thinking where to stay overnight. On this post, I will make a list of the best campgrounds in Iceland, in my opinion.

Campgrounds In Iceland

Grindavik camping site

It is located next to Blue Lagoon and Keflavik airport, so this camp site is perfect for the first or last night in Iceland. If coming on your first day, you are lucky! They have a space for the travellers already leaving the country to leave any unused item, and you can help yourself with anything you need. Is it your last night in Iceland? You can help other travellers by leaving what you don’t need. They have indoor kitchen and dining area, as well as showers, but be aware showers are closed at 22h!

Gesthus Selfoss

Gesthus Selfoss is located right in the heart of the city, which is only 45 minutes away from Reykjavik. This place has huts for people traveling by car but also space for campers and motorhomes. They also provide kitchen facilities, hot water showers and toilets. There is a supermarket nearby and a common area where you can seat, charge phone and camera batteries and enjoy the free WiFi.

Cottages Lambhus

When traveling to the east of the island, right on the side of Road 1 you will find this accommodation- It is an amazing option if visiting Vatnajökull national park. Cottages Lambhus is not a place for campervans and motorhomes users, but for people traveling by car. They offer private wooden cabins in a wonderful landmark.  You will see two impressive glacier tongues while having your skirt for breakfast, isn’t that amazing?

Campgrounds In Iceland


The stay here would be worthy only because of the road to get to this campgrounds In Iceland. You will have to take a small road, near Vik, for about 14km. It’s not dangerous neither an F-road, but you still need to be careful. The landscape will leave you speechless! Once in the campsite there are cabins and space for campers and motorhomes, as well as common areas as usual. The only blemish… water in the shower is usually cold, as they have small heaters for everyone.

Hamrar Campsite

Located next to Akureyri, this campsite is known as one of the best in the North of the island. There is a big playground for children –not usual in many places- kitchen area, BBQ and the best: heating in the shower area! Be aware many Icelanders and families with children stay here mostly in summer, so this is probably not the quietest camping in the country.

Campgrounds In Iceland

Discover The Top 5 Campgrounds In Iceland

It is worth to say that there is no a perfect accommodation that suits every traveller. Depending on what we are looking for, we will make our own top list for the best Campgrounds In Iceland. For example, families have not he same need as young couples, groups of friends or senior tourists. I tried to mention which are, in my opinion, the best Campgrounds In Iceland, but of course there are many more really good as well. I strongly recommend to do some research before you travel, but also to let yourself go as the travel goes and enjoy the wonderful places Iceland has to offer – and many aren’t listed yet!

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