Planning a trip Is never easy. There are several things to take into account so that the final result is what we expected. To some, it gets even more difficult if we are heading to an unknown country like Iceland. Everything seems to be more expensive and complicated here! The truth is, it isn’t as problematic as you think. There are just a few things to take care of before you start your trip and you will see the magic happen.

Traveler inside a vehicle used for his camper road trip

Get the right camper or RV rental vehicle in Iceland:

We always recommend our readers to use local companies. The service they provide is not only more personal and customized but also the knowledge they can share about their own country is quite useful.

Camper rental companies in Iceland mainly have their offices in the Reykjavik and the Keflavik area. Some of these companies offer 24-hour pickup or drop off services. This means that if you want to start your trip right after arriving, you can do just that! Most campers and RV rentals come with CDW insurance included as it mandatory by Icelandic law. So that is one thing less to worry about! When renting a motorhome in Iceland, you will notice that zero excess rental insurance is very rare, so we recommend getting gravel protection insurance or an SCDW to lower the excess. Many roads in Iceland are gravel roads, so why not reduce the cost of repairing a broken windshield if it happens?

Get the right road information for your camper itinerary:

Probably one of the best pieces of advice is getting information about the country you will be visiting. Basic knowledge will not only save you time and money but also help to avoid frustrating situations. Iceland has a huge variety of fauna and flora as well as landmark points but not all of them are reachable by a 2WD vehicle.

Van on a road trip through Iceland with a waterfall on the background

In Iceland, there are two different types of roads: Normal ones and F-Roads. A 4×4 vehicle is necessary to drive on F-Roads. The inconvenience of this is that 4×4 vehicles are usually more expensive but some areas like Askja and Landmannalaugar are worth checking out. We can always save money on other stuff but we’ll talk about that later.

Distances in Iceland are not huge but due to the type of roads, speed limits are low. Well, they seem to be low at least if we compare Iceland’s speed limits to other European countries. It might take a bit longer to get from one place to another so make sure you plan your route. Try to compensate your driving time with your free time. Enjoying the place you visit and seeing things up close is important.

Get the right accommodation for your camper road trip:

Even though you will be renting an RV or a camper, you will still need to park in and stay in designated areas. Camping anywhere is no longer allowed in Iceland without the express consent of the landowner. And as you may have guessed, sometimes it’s not possible to get.

The great thing about camping in Iceland is that there are plenty of campgrounds and parking areas for motorhome, campers and RVs. Some of them are open all year long but some are only available during the summer time. Some of these campsites have many amenities and offer fantastic facilities and services. Others are pretty basic with just a place to park but they may not charge a fee!

Camping sites in Iceland are easy to locate and not all of them require you to book in advance. You can contact each site through email so they can confirm how to use their facilities.

Couple enjoying the views at a camping during their camper road trip in Iceland

How to Do a Camper Road Trip in Iceland

Get the right discounts for your camper road trip:

Iceland is definitely expensive. But thankfully we can still save some money if you know the right tricks.

  • Low-cost supermarkets: food quality standards are still pretty high. They’ve gotten rid of fancy locations and packaging in order to lower costs. You will notice a huge difference in your budget if you go grocery shopping to places like Bónus or Netto.
  • Gas discount: In many Icelandic gas stations you can get a discount card, so every time you fill your tank, you will be saving some money for your next refill! Some gas stations like Orkan offer a discount tag you can carry with you as a keyring.
  • Camping discount card: this one cost about 150€, it can be very useful if you will be camping a lot and at certain locations. Please check if the campsites you want to stay at accept this card. Otherwise, plan to visit those camping areas included in the camping card.

As you can see, it’s not that complicated. Your camper road trip can be a huge success if you keep these things in mind. Iceland is a magical place waiting to be discovered. Get your suitcase ready and hit the road!

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