The second month of the year is full of peculiarities, not only because this month is shorter, but also because it has an extra day every 4 years. Of course, this is not the only good thing we can mention about this month, there are plenty of reasons to go camping in Iceland in February! Stick around and discover all of them.

Red tent set by a glaciar lake, snow can easily be seen while camping in February in Iceland


February is a cold month, but there are several factors you should take into account besides the temperature. Wind and humidity are an important side of Icelandic weather. When camping in Iceland in February, be sure to bring the right type of clothing. A windcheater and waterproof jacket are a must. Wind can get through your jacket if it’s not the right kinds for this type of weather. Layering is also a good trick, it always works in Iceland! If you feel hot, then you can always take off some layers. It is way better than freezing in the cold winter of Iceland.

Many people believe that cold weather is something bad, but actually, cold weather is required for the beautiful Aurora Borealis to shine! Camping in Iceland in February will allow you to experience this beautiful show of nature. Northern lights come in different colors and intensity. Dark, clear and cold nights are a must, otherwise, you will not be able to see them.


When planning your trip to Iceland, keep in mind that most F-Roads are closed during the winter time. F-Roads are mountain roads, most of them located in the Highlands of Iceland where 4×4 vehicles are mandatory. Main roads, such as the Ring Road N1, is usually open in February and you can go around Iceland using this route.

Dark clouds on the ring road on a cold February camping day in Iceland

If you will travel to the north of Iceland in February, we would recommend choosing a 4×4 vehicle, just in case the weather worsens. You will not be stuck out in the tough weather.


As you will be traveling during the winter time, you need to be aware that there are many remote areas in Iceland. Many of them offer basic services only during the summertime, so the options available for restocking food are reduced in February. This should not be a problem at all if you plan ahead where to get your groceries and canned goods. Close to those remote areas in North Iceland or the West Fjords, there are villages you can use as a base point for restocking.

For those on a tight budget or anyone who would like to save a couple of bucks, we recommend supermarkets like Bónus o Netto. They are low-cost supermarkets with a great variety of products. You can check their locations across Iceland and just mark the desired stops during your road trip.

black beach and snow which usually falls in Iceland in february

What It’s like Camping in Iceland in February

One of the main advantages of camping in Iceland in February is that it is the low season. This automatically translates into lower prices. Availability of hotels, campsites and tours is higher and sightseeing areas are not packed at all! Winter can be tough but it can be extremely beautiful as well in a country like Iceland. Give it a chance and you will uncover the beauty that lies beneath the cold surface.

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