If you are looking to step up your Instagram game, visit Iceland. Don’t hesitate. Just buy the plane tickets and never look back. There are many reasons why Iceland is the most Instagrammable place in the world. It is nearly impossible to take a bad picture of Iceland. Heck, it’s even hard to take a bad selfie (or as the French say, an ‘egóportrait’). Look at that; you’ve learned something new today!

Family taking selfies in Iceland for Instagram

Our small island situated in the Atlantic ocean may be one of the youngest landmasses on the planet, but it is by far the most beautiful. Again, there must be a reason why a plethora of movies and TV shows film here. In my humble opinion, it is to capture an otherworldly aesthetic. Now it’s time to get those smartphones charged, fire up Instagram, and book some flights. Let’s examine some of the reasons below why anyone who is an Instagram aficionado is obsessed with Iceland. Time to become Instagram famous!

Iceland’s Incredibly Photogenic Landscapes

The landscapes are ridiculous. Not ridiculous like your coworker Brian who drinks a few too many glasses of wine at the holiday party. Not ridiculous like your roommate Jeff who refuses to buy toilet paper or load the dishwasher when the dishes are dirty. I’m talking ridiculous like Michael Jordan on the 1987-1988 Bulls ridiculous, or Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock ridiculous. Iceland is beyond awesome.

The landscapes that cover our entire country are dynamic, breathtaking, and not seen anywhere else. Like watching Jordan and Hendrix, coming to Iceland and seeing these spectacles in person is hard to describe. That’s why taking photos is a better medium to convey the overwhelming power of our landscapes. They (whoever “they” are) say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And they’re absolutely correct.

The country itself may be small, but packed into every nook and cranny of the island is a geographically unique and stunning location to take Instagram photos. Some of my favorite sites to take pics for the ´Gram are the Svartifoss and Goðafoss waterfalls, the town of Vík, and the Blue Lagoon situated outside of Reykjavik.

Why You Should Go Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are majestic. There is no way around it. Waterfalls have an unexplainable viscerally captivating quality to them. For me, it’s similar to watching a smoldering fire late at night. It is mesmerizing. Two of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls attract thousands of visitors every year. They are both unique and are sure to give you the most liked photo on Instagram amongst your friend group. The two I recommend are the Svartifoss and Goðafoss waterfalls. Both are unique and stunning in their own ways.

The Svartifoss falls, or the Black Falls, are one of the most visited attractions of the Vatnajökull National Park. These ancient falls sit comfortably surrounded by hexagonal columns of stone which are breathtaking. The faded brown and grey columns are reminiscent of the same stone formations found at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. At the base of the falls, you need only to look up and take a photo. With pics from this location, you are sure to be the envy of all of your Instagram followers.

Iceland's Svartifoss waterfall is perfect for Instagram

The Goðafoss falls may not be as visually compelling, but for me, they are my favorite. Water from the falls careens from twelve meters up and comes crashing down into the icy turquoise-blue waters below. Places like these are great for engaging your followers with popular Instagram geo-tags and hashtags for the surrounding area. Also, Goðafoss falls was where one of Iceland’s most popular myths took place. Goðafoss translates to “waterfall of the gods.” When Christianity became the dominant religion of Iceland, one of the most prominent leaders traveled to the falls and cast his statues of the old gods into it. Exciting information, accompanied with a great photo, will get your followers engaged with your page and curious to see what is going to happen next.

Instagram Secret: Vík on Iceland’s South Coast

Vík may not be the number one tourist destination for those visiting Iceland. However, it is a location you should visit to step up your Instagram game and gain followers. Located 180 km (110 miles) southeast of Reykjavik, Vík has a stunning and unforgettable coastline. Running along the coast of the southern sea village are vast stretches of black sand beaches. I don’t think I need to say more than black sand to get my point across. Getting to a bad photo in this location is impossible. Your followers will tilt their head and have a glazed look of wonderment and confusion when they see you standing on the alien-like black sand beaches. Likes and comments are sure to follow.

If you do end up in Vík, make sure you take some time to visit the famous DC3 plane crash. Depending on where you walk from, the journey can be a leisurely 45 minutes or a 3-hour hike. I would opt for the former and not the latter. Settled in a desolate patch of black sand lay the remains of a DC3 United States military plane that crashed on the beach in the 70s. The ghostly remains of the plane’s fuselage make for incredible pictures. They will also give your photos that extra pop and interest they may have been lacking. Let’s be honest though. If you are going to Iceland to take pictures, you clearly have your head on your shoulders, and your social media following probably reflects that.

The Blue Lagoon and Your Instagram Feed

Last, but certainly not least, is the world famous Blue Lagoon. The Lagoon is a geothermal, man-made hot spring whose milky blue waters and billowing plumes of fog make it a prime photo opportunity. After a long journey throughout the Icelandic countryside, you should treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience. Not only is the water a unique hue of blue (similar to that of Chefchaouen in Morocco, the world famous blue city), the Lagoon makes for truly unique photos. Do remember though that if it is your first time at the Lagoon to respect the other patrons. Don’t go overboard with the photos and selfies while the other guests are trying to relax. Enjoy yourself and take plenty of pictures, but most importantly remember to relax and be present in the moment during your time here.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon at dusk is Instagram perfect

Instagram Road Trip: Iceland’s Ring Road

One of the major headaches with taking a trip is figuring out logistics. I can barely get to work without spilling my breakfast on myself. Now someone wants me to plan a five-day itinerary throughout Iceland? This is madness! You may be similar to me and have the same sentiment when it comes to traveling. But with the recent boom in tourism over the last decade, more and more travel companies are springing up to capitalize on new waves of tourists. And there is a reason they keep popping up at an exponential rate. Iceland is not only hospitable and comfortable to travel to (and throughout), but it is trendy. There I said it! Our country is trendy! I guess that makes me on trend, excellent!

In all seriousness, Iceland’s abundant travel companies make it easier now more than ever for first-time visitors to travel through our incredible country. You can take day trips and shoot as many photos as your heart desires. You could also go my favorite route by renting a vehicle and traveling along the Ring Road. A seven-day trip around the Ring Road will cause your Instagram following to grow exponentially. Your capabilities as a photo-enthusiast also increase with it. The journey doesn’t have to be centered around photography and Instagram entirely. The majority of people who make the trip find it to be one of the most memorable adventures of their lives. So, if you want my advice: get a portable battery charger, a lens cloth to clean your filthy front lens or smartphone lens, and take a journey into the countryside.

Why Iceland is the World’s Most Instagrammable Country

These are but a handful of the extraordinary locations that Iceland has to offer. Each region of Iceland has stunning and dramatic visual aesthetics that would make any Instagrammer worst their salt salivate. Not only is Iceland hospitable to traveling photographers and tourists alike, but now, more than ever, it is extremely cost efficient to take a trip to Iceland. If you are looking for the journey of a lifetime loaded with awe-inspiring visuals, convenient and easy travel, and photos that could be shared on the trending photos section of the Instagram app, then Iceland is the place for you. It isn’t every day that you can take photos next to a plane crash situated on a black sand beach or a waterfall surrounded by hexagonal stone columns. Make both your Instagram followers and myself proud. Come to visit us in Iceland.

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