It’s difficult to choose the best time to go to Iceland as each month and each season have different things that make them special. During the month of July, summer is in full swing in Iceland. Most Icelanders take their vacations at this time and schools are closed. Everyone tries to make the most of the good weather and warmth that typically prevails in July. We personally think the middle of the summer is a great time to travel to Iceland, so find out more about visiting the country in July. 

July road with sea in Iceland

Despite the rain being more frequent than usual in July, it is the hottest month of the year. The average temperature is around 12 ℃. However, temperatures can rise up to 18-20 ℃ on exceptionally beautiful days. If you travel to the highlands in July, all types of imaginable weather are possible. You’ll see everything from snowstorms to an Icelandic “heat wave” – although it’s rare!

This month of the year in Iceland is a bit special because the night is non-existent. You’ll get the chance to observe the famous midnight sun and enjoy the light of day for 24 hours! It is both enchanting and confusing, but it is good to experience it at least once in a lifetime!

The country comes alive in the month of July. There is a tenfold increase in human activity, with many Icelanders on vacation and travelers enjoying all there is to see and do. Festivals, events, and concerts are on the agenda. Icelanders make sure to not miss a minute of sun and heat after the long winter they endure each year. Camping is very popular at this time of year, and the locals spend as much time as possible outdoors. Wildlife is thriving and whale watching is popular. You can admire puffins and hundreds of species of birds that come to nest in Iceland during the summer.

Two puffins in a colony during July in Iceland, the best time to go

July is also the most popular month to visit Iceland because all the roads and sites in Iceland’s highlands are accessible. This is the case of Landmannalaugar, Laki and Askja in northern Iceland. You can go there alone if you have a 4×4 vehicle and adapted equipment, or take a tour. For accommodation reservations, it is best to pre-book as it is the very high season and everything books up quickly.

Festivals flourish on all four corners of the island in July. For music, head to the north for the folk music festival of Siglufjörður. In the south, there’s baroque music in Reykhólt and in the southwest you’ve got the pop music of the Bræðslan festival. To the east, metal lovers will enjoy the Eistnaflug festival. For a family event, the medieval festival of Gásir will delight young and old alike. The Hrísey family festival is a good opportunity to discover this wonderful little island. You’ll also see why I have a soft spot for this pearl in the north of Iceland.

Medieval toast with cups at Icelandic festival

Why July is the Best Time to Go to Iceland

For artists, go to Seyðisfjörður’s LungA festival, which brings together dozens of people with creativity overflowing. The athletes out there might prefer the Golden Circle challenge, the Laugavegur ultra-marathon (which involves running the 53 kilometers of the Laugavegur trek instead of walking) or the Strongest Icelandic Man in the Westfjords.

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