In our recent articles, we have been talking about what it is like camping in the different months of the year. And that will be the main topic of this post! If you want to know what it is like camping in Iceland in November, then keep on reading.

November in Iceland is a cold month, no doubt about that. Winter is already around the corner and the daylight we have available has already decreased considerably. During these months, you will have about 5-6 hours of light per day. It does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage though. Looking at the bright side of things, this means we will have pitch-black nights. And those are essential if you are planning on seeing the Northern Lights.

Green and purple Aurora Borealis during trip camping in Iceland in NovemberWhen camping in Iceland in November, you should keep in mind that not every campsite is open during the fall and winter months. Although you will not have a huge range of campsites to choose from, you will certainly have a place to spend the night. Fear not, in our article about campgrounds that are open all year long, you can find options to start with. As we stated before, the days are shorter, so keep this in mind as you will need some time to get to your campsite and get settled into your tent before the cold truly sets in.

Red tent over Jokulsarlon lagoon, Iceland at dusk while camping in Iceland in November

As temperatures in November in Iceland can get pretty chilly, you need to be properly prepared. I never get tired of mentioning an isolating mat, also known as a camping mat. They are lifesavers! Iceland is humid and so is the ground where your tent will be. This mat will prevent the humidity from getting inside your tent, keeping it warmer and dryer. Always place your tent away from the wind, which is a constant in Iceland. Setting the tent close to walls or rocks will help to stop the gusts from blowing the tent down.

Woman with furry hat and coffee mug while camping in Iceland in November

Besides the aforementioned mat, a cold weather sleeping bag is also a must when tent camping in Iceland in November. Do not stick to the average temperatures for this month, get a sleeping bag that protects against when the degrees drop lower than what you initially expected. Not being able to sleep because you are cold can highly affect your trip.  Tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue make the worst travel companions.

Best Tips for Driving and Camping in Iceland in November

Camping is not the only option you have, November also offers some great festivals in Iceland! You can have a wonderful time and listen to some great music at Iceland Airwaves. It is one of the most international and well-known festivals held in Iceland. If you are not really a music lover or music festivals are not your thing, then check out Iceland’s hot springs! The weather in November is perfect for visiting natural hot springs. The average weather temperature in southern Iceland this month is 1 °C (34 °F). Outside it is chilly but the water is warm and relaxing! In Iceland, we love bathing in geothermal water as it is beneficial for both the body and the mind. And as you are on holidays, all you have to worry about is how to have fun!

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