Accommodation is always a big part of our trip budget and we cannot forget that, in Iceland, camping is the favourite accommodation for most of the travelers. Our trip in Iceland can be really different depending on when you are traveling, so we will give you some tips in this article if planning to go camping in Iceland in May.

Camping In Iceland In May

The wonderful nature in Iceland is not only impressive but also warily protected. It is forbidden to camp outside designated areas, but the country offers a great camping variety where to choose from. The disadvantage is that not all of them are open all year long. Keep this in mind when Camping in Iceland in May. Many of them are available only during the “summer season” which begins approximately in May and ends in October. There are no fixed dates for this season and each company decides their opening times, but it is true that each year more and more campsites decide to remain open all year as the number of visitors we receive in winter is growing every year.

To avoid stress when traveling, I recommend checking the opening times of different campsites on your route before arrival. This way you get to have a list of possible places you can stay at. It is good to know that in almost any Icelandic campsite is necessary to book in advance, so you can just show up, pay for fee and find a nice place where to settle.

Camping In Iceland In May

The majority of the campsites in Iceland offer basic services as running water, toilets and showers and kitchen facilities. They are usually included on the basic price, but sometimes services as showers need to be paid for. Electricity is in most of the cases available for an extra charge as well. Some places even have a room with sofas and tables to stay if raining, even with free Wi-Fi. A great trick when Camping in Iceland in May is buying the camping card. This way, you will save money mostly if traveling with your family or friends.

Campings also developed a really nice idea for visitants: most of them collect what other travelers already don’t need as kitchenware, cooking staff (salt, pepper, oil, spices, etc), toilet paper, gel or shampoo… You can use what you need and leave the rest for the next one. Also, during your last night at the camping, leave what you will not bring back home for future visitors!

Regarding the weather, May is one of the best months to visit the island as it is the driest month of the year –according to the yearly averages. Temperatures are mild with a maximum average of 10° and minimums of about 3.5°. If traveling with camper or motorhome, you will be more than fine using the heating system. However, if you are planning to sleep on a tent, bring a good winter sleeping bag.

Camping In Iceland In May

Camping In Iceland In May – Keep The Rain At Bay!

Finally, are you already thinking about what to bring on your suitcase for your May trip? Here you are some recommendations: water bottle (water is drinkable and free in the whole country, but if you buy it in a supermarket can cost 4€!), windbreak and waterproof clothes, hiking shoes (do not waste space for fashionable shoes, you won’t use them!), hat, gloves, and  swimwear (do not miss the amazing hot pots and pools), sun blocker –do not underestimate the Icelandic sun!

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